Thursday, June 16, 2016

What is MLM?

Let's achieve financial goal together/?

Your leader sells you future. You want to be part of it, because you want to achieve the financial freedom, bring your family to travel around the world with the money you earn (from other people).

Let's not forget, the system is created by someone, some party, or some company. That's the RED.

Yes, you may achieve together with them, as long as the RED does not leave. 

When will the RED leave? RED knows.

Always check Bank Negara Financial Consumer alert

Anyway, always refer to Bank Negara Financial Consumer alert blacklist to know which entities are banned to run operation. 

Here's the most updated one (June 2016):

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fast Rich Scheme? Successful?

Seeing more people on the social media sharing how they are making money quick, and inviting more people to join them, it's saddening.

People tend to lean their mentality and thought towards: buying expensive car and big house, is the signature of wealthy and successful.

Well, who doesn't hope to have big house and nice car right? I don't mean you can't have those, but for the sake of earning quick money with fast-rich scheme, you don't deserve it.

How Fast Rich Scheme works
Some people start a so-called "system", a networking system where you "invest" certain amount of money to get start with.

Once you joined, you are taught by your senior (who brought you into the system), on how you can be like him/her to invite more people in.

You start to "grow your network", asking more friends or relatives, or even strangers to join your network. Invest together into the system, and you as the referral, start to earn money from new people joining your network.

The system grows larger, and your network gets bigger. You are earning better, because more people are joining your network.

The system becomes large enough that people are easily attracted because many people are earning money from there.

With the power of social media, you share your system online. It grows even faster, until it becomes a system that seems so promising to everyone.

At this point of time, people starts to forget how the money comes from. From where does the money generated at the beginning?

End of the day, it's zero sum game.

Zero Sum Game
What is Zero Sum? By definition, it means "whatever gained by one party, is lost by another party."

I just put it simply, it means "creates No Value".

No value is created to the society, nothing generated at the end. It's just a flow of money from one to the other, with Zero (0) value.

A simpler definition: Money Game.

What is Value?
- You create a product, you sell it. You earn the profit from the product you create, your buyer use your product. That's the value.

- You provide a service, you promote it. People come and try your service, enjoy it, and pay you. You earn the profit, they enjoy the service. That's the value.

But, these values is what the "fast-rich" people say "traditional business", the "slow earning way".

What do you think?

Fast earning way? Well, if you are innovative enough, you can earn fast too.

- You create an innovative accounting software for a company, cutting down the cost of documentation and accounting, you are creating value. You sell the license of the software for big bucks, they enjoy the hassle-free from your software. This is value.

What is successful?
- Mark Zuckerberg, created this valuable company Facebook, with the value of "connecting people online" and "fast & efficiency way of sharing information globally". He earns it. Yet, he does not buy nice car or big house. He is successful.

- Bill Gates, founded Microsoft which you are using in your computer right now, transforming the world into IT era. He is successful not because everyone seeing him owning big car and house, but his value created.

They get rich because they created value, not the other way round.

So you say buying a car and house is successful? I say, creating value to society is successful.

Oh, you are saying your senior has big network and earn lot of money, he is successful in the system? I don't know him. What did he do? Oh I know, he invited you.

When people are fighting hard to make money, I'm putting my effort to make VALUE.

Earning money is necessary, but to the extent of necessity. Excessive causes problem.

Friday, June 12, 2015

About Business Growth

If we ever think of doing business, we shall think to make it big. But, we can't make it big in short time, so we have to think long term. In order to make a business to be long term, it has to be the business which is talking about future. In business, we call it "sustainable". So, the question: what kind of business model is sustainable?

When we talk about business, we talk about how do we earn money, we talk about "profit". That is the bottom line for a business to be sustainable. Because only with the profit, we can grow our business. We want the "growth".

Why is "growth" important? In the business world, there exists "competition". Even if our business model is the "first in the world" today, it may not be tomorrow. We will always have competitors to join us, grab some market share from us. Moreover, the market is big, it's worldwide. No one is going to provide them all. So, don't be naive, accept the fact of facing competition.

"Growth" means "gaining popularity". In a town of 100,000 population size, we try to maximize the number of people knowing our business, use our products, or our services.

For example, we open a barber shop. 10,000 people in the town know us, like our service, and visit us every month. We have this stream of loyal customers. Through power of  "mouth to mouth", more people know us. More visitors are coming. But, how are we going to provide the same service to 20,000 people? We have to recruit more staffs on board to serve them. That is growth.

"Growth" means "gaining market share". If today, our town have a new barber shop providing the same service. Today, we can support 20,000 people. The new barber shop is supporting another 20,000 people too. We are supporting 40,000 people in this town. We both having 50% of market share.

In order to gain more market share, we have to increase our sales in two ways. One, do marketing, introduce to another 60,000 people who yet to know our service. Two, provide better service than the new barber shop and get some of their customers to us. By getting 20,000 more new visitors, we have 40,000 visitors and the new barber shop only have 20,000. We have 67% of market share and they only have 33%. If we improve our quality of service and provide better than the new barber shop, we get 10,000 customers from them, and we have 50,000 while they only have 10,000. We have now 83% market share and they have 17%.

Next, "Marketing" and "quality of service" come into play....

Thursday, May 21, 2015

不要以为 4% 大过 1%

一年前,新币汇马币 RM2.50。如果以SGD4,000换成马币RM10,000,放进银行定期存款,一年4%利息。一年后,就有RM400的回抽了。如果放在新加坡,只有1%利息,我只得到SGD40。所以,明智的选择,换回马币存定期,yeah~


再加上存款的1%利息,SGD40等于RM108。所以,一年后的今天,SGD4,000从RM10,000变成RM10908了。干嘛换钱回去嘛。。。所以说,不要以为4%  > 1%。



Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Impressive Service Provided by Apple Chat

I am not an Apple Fanboy, nor I am using everything with Apple brand, except Ipod Shuffle which was given to me as birthday gift by my fiance. Today I was putting an order for a new Ipod Shuffle from, as my fiance wants to present to her sister as birthday gift as well. I faced some unclear statement during the purchase. Then, I was impressed by their Apple Chat live customer service.

It was 7.50pm. I was trying to place an order for Ipod Shuffle which is stated S$68. While personalizing my purchase, I have the option to engrave some text for free, and choose the gift package for S$8.00. Before I reach the step to make payment, I was asked to choose accessory. The first option, which confused me, was to buy the Ipod Shuffle USB Cable.

Wait, I thought it was included. I went back and check on the first page, where it's stated "What's In The Box", clearly stating there is USB cable inside.

Why do I need to buy another USB cable for S$28.00 while it's already in the box? Or, the one I was going to place the order is not "In the Box"? This confused me.

Trying to figure out, then I saw that little link "Live Chat" at the right of the page. One click, it pop out a new window with a very fancy page of Apple iMessage layout design.

Looks cool. I try to send them message to get clarified. Not expecting any sooner response, I try to navigate away from the live chat page. Within than few seconds before I switch to another window, it says "Now transferring you to an Apple Chat Specialist. Please wait." Wow, that message really works on me. I did really wait.

Then, not taking long time (within 1 minute), I get connected to "Lou" (as shown in the picture). Then, our conversation began, and it (refers to the live chat, I'm not sure Lou is a guy or a lady) stay online until I complete the order.

Customer Service at its best
This is really impressive. I get my question clarified with this very interactive way through this live chat.

Earlier in this article, I was saying I don't expect any quick response. That's because I had some bad experience trying to even "connect and load" the live chat page easily. It's an airline company (not to mention which). It's always showing the message of "Sorry for too crowded session. Please try again later" or something that I don't even want to recall the whole message.

But this Apple Chat is really cool thing. The service quality is really worth its customers to stay loyal even if there is no 'rewarding' scheme for them.

Why am I impressed? It's Customer Retention
This little helpful thing might not get many people impressed. I was impressed, because I have just recently learn about "customer retention", especially in this IT world, where we are expecting people to stay using or subscribing our service (if we are service provider) or software product.

How do you expect a company, to have its own staff, stay online most of the time (if not 24 hours) to serve its customers happily? Imagine if you own a company, would you achieve that? I so hope one day I have my own company with this level of customer service.

Good job Apple.

Oh ya, the S$68 thing.
The S$68 of the Ipod Shuffle is actually coming "In the Box". No accessory required unless I want an extra one.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hard working. Soft learning.

Alright. Time's up for the first working week!

This week gotta be off. Not everything went out smoothly. Part of the job is not done yet. But, as planned, no coding this week. I shall list out a to-do list next week. Or, plan what should-be-done-but-not-yet-done.

This makes me learn something, time management is important. Within one week I shall complete the task planned by the previous week. Somehow, I failed to complete, just half way done.

This teaches me something. I didn't plan well. The week prior to the working week, I didn't really plan what to do. I just made up my mind implementing this alternate work-rest weeks. First week was a rest, second week was a work. Working week shall complete the to-do list prepared in the rest week. But, I didn't even come out with a to-do list!

As what have been planned of, no responsibility held. To-do list might not be a very detailed one, just a brief list of ideas that is left undone last week. The idea is in my mind, just need to noted down, then continue to do something else. Continue to get inspired by anything around me.

Head's up, face away from the coding screen, walk out of office, see the outside world. Learn new thing.

One week off.

Monday, May 11, 2015

It's the "Next Week", I'm back to work!

Developer mode ON!

For the whole week, chiong for completing the module out!


Time's up for work: Sunday 17th May 2015.