Monday, January 4, 2010

Increase of Sugar Price

Sugar price increases again. It increases 20cent per kilogram from RM1.45 to Rm1.65 now. What are the reasons behind?

What government tells us is: due to the international sugar price increase, so do ours. Government announces that it subsidize us, the nations, with more than RM 1 billion per year.

Last night, I watched the news of NTV7. I heard from Najib's talk: "Sugar is not healthy for people. So, it's not good to subsidize such a big amount money for people to have unhealthy." When I heard this, I think: Can we say like that? Is the voice sound of ridiculous too?

Well, he can say sugar is unhealthy, that's true statement. But, it's unhealthy only if we take too much of sugar. Sugar is a need for everyone. Does Najib take sugar? He said sugar is unhealthy, does that mean he doesn't take any sugar?

Sugar is so important to produce kuih-muih. Najib never eats those kuih-muih? Or, is he going to stop taking those food after the sugar price increase?

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