Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Is succeed equivalent to being rich?

How to define succeed? It depends on every single individual. Each of us has our own ambitions. To become an Astronomer, Richest man of the world, Famous scientist like Einstein, Professional Doctor, and so on...

Being successful must not be being rich. Rich does not imply that we are successful. How does this so? One becomes rich, one might have sacrificed in other aspect, such as family, relationship, friendship, entertainment, time, information and a lot and lots more...What does one have? Sports car to drive alone, Big house but not home, Business partner instead of real and sincere friends(商场如战场,商人做朋友?). How are we called successful if we don't have these series of need although we are rich?

Wise to say that successful person has whatever he wants, but not what he needs. But, if we have what we needs, at the same time we have what we want, that's called successful. What we need is called "Foundation of life", what we want is called "Hope" or "Ambition".

Personally, I need money, that's real life, no one will deny it. But, I hope I can be Astronomer, which is my unchanged Ambition since I'm still a kids. By the way, to achieve my ambition, I have to invest myself to study, to learn, to gain knowledge all the way. As I know being Astronomer will never get retired, it's whole life profession, which is also a researcher. Fun enough yea...

But, how about financial? Money is not everything, but without money we can't do anything(钱不是万能,没钱万万不能). This makes me sick of thinking the better way to find money rather than achieving my ambition first. One's interest might not be able to give us a bowl of rice(兴趣不能当饭吃). That's right, that means I have to give up my ambition which I last for so long?

Great things, these question comes to my mind, means I know the existence of these problems. So, I will find the solution to solve it. I found that, earning money is not necessary to start only after I graduate! I can start now. At the same time, I study to achieve my ambition! That's cool isn't it?

Previously, I was thinking it's not necessary to be rich, that most important is following my own pathway, my own direction to achieve my ambition. But, that does not assure I can sustain for my life. Moreover, I have a life partner to take care of, that's my responsible. Moreover, looking around me, a lot of dysfunctional family were born due to financial problems. Given a bread and water, although it's said that love does not really need to be rich(有情饮水饱), but we still need something bread to sustain our life. That's need. And my ambition, is what I want.

If I start earning money now, I'm firstly setting up my "Foundation of life", which is my need. At the same time, I am studying now, I'm achieving my "Ambition", and my "Hope", which is what I want. Both what I "need" and what I "want" can be achieved after I graduate, ain't it good? Haha...

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