Thursday, May 27, 2010


What are you going to do in the period waiting for your graduation? Just study? Or ECA (Extra-curricular)? Or both? What kind of ECA you join?

In my view, University is a place where we can really blast off to a new phase of life, totally new and fresh. Rather than adapt to the social or public community after graduation, why don't we start adapting to it now? It's time for us to be independent after 18+ years of being "tied" at home, and start walking in your direction and journey to the succeed.

Instead of saying I succeeded, it's just purely my own opinion. In fact, although we know that we came into University for gaining more professional or concentrated knowledge, we can also begin our more opened social life with the world outside, instead of just in the University community. This is just a rapid way to adapt the life which we will still be facing after graduation.

Instead of just reading or studying all the time in the room, it's said that we should join some ECA, know some friends, broaden our friendship/relationship network, and building up new relationship (for those still single now), providing that University is a place of where we can find a partner of our life XD. Whatever it is, that's just a minor part of University life.

Heard from most of the seniors, include my own brother, and some working staff in my school, it's enjoyable time during University more than working. Absolutely, when we start working, we have no time to enjoy! We sell ourselves to the company we work, we invest our times for the company to earn money. Therefore, do whatever we want to do during University.

What can we do? As my previous post saying, why don't we start a career first before we graduate? Instead of finding a professional field, we look for part-time jobs, direct sellers, promoters, research staffs, admin staffs and so on. These are just experiences for us. Since we know we are not graduated, we should put down our 'faces', instead of looking for professional field, working in a shopping center, what's wrong? It's not a bad thing to do, as long as it is not robbery, theft, or anything which is called crime. Instead of saying that we are students from University, we should do some professional job. These are normally occurred after the graduation, when we are unemployed.

So, instead of begin later, we should start now. Starting to earn money? Not necessary. We should start to LEARN how to earn money better. As I said in previous post, succeeding is not equal to being rich. But, we learn to earn money, and study in the university, that ain't bad, right. Looks cool. Haha...(I'm SS :P)

Every single way/journey, must have an initiator to go through. (所谓:路是人走出来的), we can have our own direction, as long as we do it right, we feel it correct, and not going to bad. We are following everyone to start our journey by go through the primary, secondary school, then come to University, and look for job after graduate and retire at 58. Instead of following others, we can have our own way. Instead of finding work after graduate, we can do our own style (yo..yo..Freestyle~), since University life is what you are going to decide, planning to walk further, it's called freedom.

Freedom give birth to different people, with different mindset, different philosophy. Who controlled Albert Einstein to say E=mc2? Who controlled Isaac Newton to sitting under the durian tree and let the durian hit his head and going to hospital and come out with new formula F=ma? (I know it was not durian treeXD) We, as controlled by our parents during our teenage, we are young adult now. We should have our way. We know how to judge right or wrong. Once we found what we have done wrong, we can start over and over. Who care? We are still learning! It's experience.

Experience is our best teacher(经验是最好的老师), we learn from experience, learn from failure, discover the new thing, create a new pathway, and go in different direction as others have never been gone through.

Good luck guys! See ya around..

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