Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sometimes, I planned to do something in holiday. Study, look for part-time work, learn more about investment. But, it is just planning. Everything is different from what I have planned. This is attitude, an attitude that I should change.

Sometimes, the plan that I made was really making me feeling wonderful to follow that. I don't only plan for my holiday schedule. Instead, I plan for whole life. What I am going to be in next 10 years, what is my target in next 10 years and so on.

I started planning since 2 years ago, so it should be 8 years rest. Hmm...seems that nothing advances. I have not stepped up yet been still. My plan was wonderful, I was dreaming, and aiming for the life. But what is the factor causing me not advancing? I should look into it...

Attitude, the main and biggest factor, which influence me a lot. I should change, I always plan, but never take action. I should have something to motivate myself. What is that? Perhaps, money? Or, time? My love? My parents? Everything could be possible...

But, before relying on the motivation by others, I should motivate myself with my own perception. Stop thinking further, act immediate. Sometimes I can really say that action speaks louder than words. The only thing that can prove my ability is my destiny, my target, my aim of life. Act rather than just thinking sweet.(心动不如行动).


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  2. wont go that smoothly alwiz de la XD but at least get the result u planned for in the end ~.~ i planned a lot of things for holiday also but end up only finishing one book of c++ =.=""

  3. yea...haha...but hope can follow the plan more lor..wont get distracted by others...XD