Tuesday, June 29, 2010


When one has his dream, his hope, his ambition, he knows, nothing is much more important than his future.

He realises, entertainment is just part of the life, and he knows he can have more entertainment after he hits the target.

He realises, using Internet is not just having fun. There are more to assist us reaching goals.

He found out, there are people who can make their 24 hours in a day to become 48 hours, by making full use of the Internet.

He understands, he is still young and he has a lot of opportunities to learn more, and try more in the life.

He knows, he has a lot of failures need to go through. He is ready to go.

He wants to know, what is the world outside the house. What are the thought from different people under the same blue sky?

He wonders, why there are rich and poor community. What should he do to ensure he can reach his goal?

He keeps asking, will his goal be achieved? He keeps finding solution, and he finds the answer.

He thinks, how long he needs to reach the goal? He is looking forward to find the answer.

He guesses, is 10 years enough for him? He couldn't answer, but he wants to try.

He starts planning, what he is going to do in next 10 years.

He starts his journey, following the direction he has set for the next 10 years.

He faces failures, he is ready, mentally and physically.

He wants to see the failures, he wonders how people give up, and how people stand up again from the failure, the big failure.

He knows, he has no experience, he needs it.

He is looking for more and more questions and answers for his life...

And he knows, success doesn't just appear in front of him without his notice.
Success stories don't just happen. They are made.

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