Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Service@Paypal" scam

Recently, I am dealing a netbook with someone who called himself a father of son who is studying in Nigeria. He is going to present him the netbook that I am selling, but can't deal with me with cash, but can deal by using paypal. So, I opened a paypal account and send him my email address. Story begins when he 'transfers' his money to me, then I receive few emails from "service@paypal", as shown...

There are some difference between the two "service@paypal"(red box) and ""(yellow box).

Then I open one of them (red box),

Who is christmiler?why is he sending the email on behalf of "service@paypal"?what so ever, my hotmail automatically set this email as unsafe, and I have to click to open content myself.

Next, Dear *my email*...Well, I know that paypal will specify my NAME instead of my EMAIL. And,'s amazing. They even ask us don't provide Password because Paypal doesn't require password through email. When I roll-over my cursor to any of the link, where is it linked to? Look at the lower left corner of the browser.It's some website called hidemyass which is a proxy server.

The statement saying that money has been deducted, and paypal as intermediate step of the transaction, so I have to send my shipment detail to whatsoever email, what, I don't know. But......

Is the email pp123459 or pp12459? Arh....paypal, you are so established, how come got typo?

Here is the "policy" to protect buyer and seller.

Look at the left bottom corner, I checked it, it's a proxy server where the sender send the email through that, so that his IP address will not be detected. The link occurs when I open the content of the email, and some content are linked from the server, and waiting and waiting and waiting....

Ah huh, I tell the buyer that I can't deal with him because of some technical mistake. So, deal cancelled. However, the buyer and the "service@paypal" send me the message at the same time...Telling that I have to send the parcel, otherwise, they will send FBI...Wuuwuu, so scary....The funny look on the left is the FBI logo?Is that superman or batman in the ID?or BADman?

Whatsoever, let's see how's the real Paypal email looks like.

The email is exactly from, and it's marked safely by the hotmail, by my antivirus software (the green shield logo). And, it states my name!

Beware friends, who do this kind of thing online. I have checked and found out that many of this things are from Nigeria. Same as my case...


  1. Haha..I was so lucky not cheated...Otherwise, my few hundred gone..I will die of crying..

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