Saturday, October 2, 2010

Custom of Malaysia and Singapore

I am going home today. I woke up early in the morning, to avoid the possible traffic congestion on the Causeway. I didn't sleep well, but feel exciting when thinking of going home.^^ By the way, I was still feeling tired on the way from NTU to Custom by the MRT and bus.

Yes, I avoided the crowded, and I went through the Singapore Custom without having to queue in a long line. After that, I took bus to Malaysia Custom. And very fortunately, no congestion on Causeway as well. Bus moved along the causeway without stopping, but due to the fail design of the connection from Causeway to Malaysia Custom, there was still a short jam while bus was climbing up the 'hill', and there is a sharp corner which bus unable to turn if there was a car on another lane. (hard to imagine?nvm...just fail)

I was always tired of the 'temporary' way to custom, however they are still working and trying to connect the causeway in a new way. It seems better, but still under construction. Hopefully, it can be complete asap.

When I reach Custom Malaysia, I felt something different. Guess what? Custom was playing music! I never heard that before since I came to Singapore so long. This was the first time I heard that they play radio FM in the Custom. Wow...interesting. It never happened in Singapore's.

What's good with it? People won't feel boring if the queue is too long, and they can listen to the radio if they don't have MP3 or MP4 with them, just like me. Although it's malay FM, but I appreciate the music they play. Not sure which FM, simply guess, could be Hot FM? haha...

Looking forward the improvement of the service provided. Hope there are more of this kind of thing happen all around in Malaysia, not only at the custom. Malaysia Boleh!

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