Friday, October 1, 2010

Elected as Special Project Officer, a motivation for me

I'm officially elected as Special Project Officer, together with another Indian girl too. I was so surprised when my senior asked me whether I was willing to take the job, I hesitated for a week.

This offer of job was bringing my memory back to the first year in campus. I was so slacking during the first year. I didn't join much of activities in the school, and I was by-chance elected as poster designer for the AstroChallenge 2010, because they were run out of man-power. So, I was actually quite free for the first year and easily get my 5 points from ECA. I started to think back again, how do I treat my first year life in NTU?

During the first year, I was not really pay my effort to study. I just slack, and do everything last minutes. Seems like, I never studied if there's no exam, and only studied last minute. That's why, my results wasn't good. Where did I spent my time? Hmm, facebook-ing, msn-ing, and many others tiny part which accumulated to be a lots. I wonder, are they really taking a big fraction of my time? Now, I can say yes...

I realised that although I don't really spend 'a little' time doing them, they adds up to be a lot if we count for one whole sem, 13 weeks. This wakes me up, telling me that I wasted a lot of time. I should spend more time on working, studying and so on.

Once I accepted the offer, I have the feeling of motivated. The motivation is just what I have said in previous paragraphs. I have those kind of thoughts appear in my mind immediately.

Nowadays, I stay up late at night, and wake up quite early, except for Sunday. I feel blessed staying in a room which is just next to the street, as well as expressway. Because, the sounds waking me up early, so that I can carry on my works, and sleep late in night. :P

Not really feeling tired, but the motivation keeps on and on pushing me forward. Hope I can perform my job well in Astronomical Society.

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