Friday, November 12, 2010

Researcher – Whole life career

Being researcher is a whole life career. That is why, my ambition as an Astronomer is still unchanged until today.

But, how is being a researcher known as whole life career? Let’s say, Thomas Edison, the light bulb inventor, spend up his whole life (not really whole life) to keep doing research by trying with different material as filament for almost a thousand of times, just to invent a long lasting light bulb. He then has his research team called “Edison’s Pioneer” which was developing the light bulb, and get the patent of manufacturing the carbon filaments.

Researcher, as different from other career, does not really rely on any employer, and can be independent just like Edison. He invented the light bulb independently, by developing the idea from the predecessors, which is now we call it as Journals, Papers, Publications and so on. For researcher who has invented something new, or has some new finding of certain materials, they publish papers so that another researcher can develop his idea base on it. This paper has become the patent for the researcher.
Whole life career starts here. Researchers can keep contributing new and brave ideas to the field of science (or other field as well). They produce ideas, and work hard on it, and create and find something new, and get patents on their products or outcomes. What they really need to do is to think out of the box, and do researches (experiment) on their ideas.

Research = Study, in term of English definition, it is exactly the same. In term of science or career, it is still applicable. Researching is just like studying, we are exploring our mind and gaining knowledge throughout the world. The only thing that researchers need to do is there are so many fields, which field do we choose? Then, we focus on it. Just like how a company focus on its business field.

As said, researching is also studying, gaining knowledge and exploring our mind. Why not it is a whole life career? As long as we can gain our knowledge, in Chinese we called “learn as life goes on(活到老,学到老)” , this is how meaningful for researcher.
I am choosing to be Astronomer, type of a researcher in Astronomy field, and going deep into optics part. That’s why, in previous blog, I mentioned that I am going to specialised in optical technology in my degree.

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