Saturday, December 11, 2010

Investment - I missed once

Gtronic (Globetronics Technology Bhd), which has the core business of mostly electronic and technology stuff. I was waiting for its price to be RM1.1 since last weekend.

I was queuing for that price since last Sunday, I set it at RM1.1 using my hlebroking system, and wait to hope that I will get it on Monday’s trade. However, after 5pm, when I checked, the price was almost, but yet, to be RM1.1. It’s around RM1.11.

I queued for it again. But, Tuesday was a public holiday, haiz…That’s boring, can’t watch the market. No choice, I have to wait until Wednesday. Carry on my revision for Final exam.

I failed to get it on Wednesday, the lowest price was still RM1.11. Never mind, wait again. Thursday, a big jump, the price closed at RM1.15. @@ It is the only trade done by someone, just one trade. I think, that should be ok, I think I still manage to get the lower price because only one trade is done at RM1.15.

Friday, after the market closed. Argh..Hlebroking announced its system is down until Sunday 12am, for some run test purpose. Whatever, I use yahoo finance to check for the price. What a shock! It raised to RM1.17. Crap…I missed that. Never mind. Gain one more experience.

I was hesitated when the price was about RM1.11, keep asking myself whether I should change my queuing price to that or to keep at my own target price. My experience tells me, don’t follow the market, I have my own target, my own investment plan. I should manage the price, never let the market control my feeling. I insist to get RM1.1 without making any changes. Although I missed this round, I will have another chance.


  1. I would like to suggest you to follow your target price. Never ever let market control your feeling. If you set your target price at 1.11 after analyzing some information, just stick with that price. The chance above was just an exceptional case. Holidays and system shutting down do not happen every week. If next time you change your queuing price for approximation of raised stock price, your approach might be affected by your feeling someday as you have reached your target but hesitate to buy or sell.

  2. Yes, I never changed my decision on setting target price, since it will affect my portfolio. That's why, I always queue at my own target. When I decided to buy, I had decided the price. Therefore, throughout the week, I only observed the stock, without disturbing the queuing price. The only thing I do is just re-queue everyday at the same price, and stick to my portfolio plan.