Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Send away 2010, welcome 2011! Time to adapt to new lifestyle in this new year.
What to change?
- No longer writing 2010 but 2011 as the date in the homework which is to be submitted. (Not funny I guess >.<)
- Better preparation before the next semester start.
- Change attitude, read more books, make more dreams, do more planning for future.

Above are most fundamental to do every time no matter it is new year or new semester, or new month. However, there are still certain aspect I need to change. Investment, studies, Extra-Curricular (ECA), and research.

Time to sit down, writing out standard ways and rules for myself, which I have to strictly follow it. Since it is semester break, should spend more time to do this kind homework and reference from others, to see how others doing long-term investment, and also set-up a standard rules for myself, such as "What homework to do, which aspect of the stock should I analyse, which aspect of the company should I refer to judge that company and so on..."

I really have to improve myself in this part, I know I couldn't score well in last semester. But, that's not the point, I'm not really concentrating in scoring well, but to learn more. Learn as much as possible, from the lectures, from tutorials or anywhere else possible such as Internet and Forums, or seminar and so on.

Whatever happen around me, I should learn, especially those which is important for me and helping me for my future career. Learn how to learn, learn how to find more materials and sources, and learn to create ideas from the thing I have learnt.

Again, I should highlight, STUDYING is not equal to EXAMINATION. "I need to learn, so I study" instead of "I need to exam, so I study".

Extra-Curricular (ECA)
ECA is good for us to learn beyond the lessons in the classroom or lectures. I like to join ECA. I was leading a team to organise overseas trip to Malaysia (from NTU, Singapore), and organise AstroChallenge 2011, an annual event, which targeting on the Primary, Secondary and Pre-tertiary (Polytechnic and Junior College) students.

Being leader is not easy. The responsibility of ensuring the smoothness of planning, and the preparation of the event, and most importantly, the event itself. By collaborating with NUS Astronomical Society, I hope we can do well and even better than last year in this event.

I also hope I can gain my leadership through organising these two big events. However, this will be the last year I'm taking the leader position in ECA stuff. Next year and on, I will concentrate more to study and research. :)

Can't do much better than now, since I'm still busy for my ECA. But, I hope after the event is over, I can pay more time to concentrate on doing research, learn how my mentor to do research, and build up ideas from the research.

As a physics student, doing research is the important skill I need to gain. Research = Study (in the English direct definition), which mean I have to gain more knowledge, to do the research well.

Carbon Nanotube, which was just have a great breakthrough in UK (if not mistaken), which people are able to synthesize it, modify it, and make it into fibre to be used as the cable for lifting the space-escalator. Hope one day, the dream will come true, and the research will be proud of it. I was proudly to say I'm involved also doing research ABOUT carbon nanotube, but not really in the same field as theirs.

Last but not least, hope I can have a great achievement in this year! And wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!

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