Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I don't care

While studying in NTU, I can see the difference of perspective view from different people. Some people care for what they are studying for, some people care for who they are being taught, or who they will be taught, some care for what difficulties of the question in exam will be given, and some care for what grade will they get in the final exam.

I started to question myself, is that the meaning of studying? Is that what we call learning to be? Why do we care who is/will be standing in front of the class teaching us? Why do we care what grade will we get? Oh yeah, those are important, because if a ‘bad’ teacher is teaching us, we can’t learn well, exactly. And true, if we can’t get a good grade, we can’t get a good job. Hmm…won’t that make us suffer? Since we can’t control who is going to teach us (Head of Department arrange it), and we can’t really control what grade we will get (professor give us the grade, and our grade depends on bell curve?Maybe…)

I don’t care, who are coming to our class to teach me in the next semester. I just know, they are going to provide us the information and knowledge I want and I should learn. I just know, even they don’t teach good, I learn good.
I don’t care, what grade I’m going to get, I enjoy my learning in NTU. When the semester starts, everyone attends classes, concentrates listening to the lecturers, taking down the notes. What lecturers give, students absorb. That’s just nice, students learn a lot from that.

But, students start diverting their route of learning when semester is ending, and final exam is reaching. Students don’t really care of what they really learn in the lecturer, they try to memorise everything that they jot down in the class, and the notes or their thick textbooks for every subject.

Students start skipping the notes when they found the time is not enough to finish everything. They start scoping or guessing for what kind of questions will appear in the paper, or which part of lecture notes will lecturer ask.

During the examination, some of them are proud because they memorize the right things, they have not wasted their time studying other parts which are ‘useless’ and not coming out in exam. Some of them are disappointed because what they studied, or memorised, are not in the paper.

What they proud of is they can score well. What they sad of is they can’t score well. Their moods are totally on the score or the grade of the paper they get. Is that the way education forms the students nowadays?

I don’t care, I just hope I can learn well, learn as much as possible, by not wasting the money and time I paid to NTU, and trying to get good grade as well. While fulfilling what I want and the life asks for – knowledge, I also fulfil what the society wants – the grade. Everyone can make it, but just not to forget the meaning of learn.

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  1. Great! You are strong and mature! I am so proud of you! haha