Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is Physics a Market?

Should we know, studying Physics, be it theoretical or applied, students are trained to be researchers. Slightly different from engineers, studying physics could be deeper and broader across the knowledge of physics, rather than concentrating on certain engineering course, such as Mechanical, Electric/Electronics, or Construction.

Simply describe Engineering by using Physics term here. Mechanical includes dynamics motion, which require knowledge about Newtonian mechanics. Electric/Electronics requires knowledge about how current flows in circuit, how every single electronics components work, thus require knowledge about Coulombic law, or even Electromagnetic field knowledge (especially for wireless connection). Construction (or Civil) requires the Newtonian, and also Young modulus to understand the bonding and strength of the construction materials used. These are how physics being implemented in, and how physics are realised and put into the reality of life.

Purely studying Physics without any engineering based knowledge is how researchers are born. Researchers are proudly honoured in this world, because their continuous efforts contribute to today’s technology. By the way, how do researchers earn money?

Researchers are granted, either by Government, or by private sector. For example, Microsoft, the biggest software company in the global, privately funds its research team to develop more and more better software. Government funds researchers because Research and Development is one of the important fields that every country needs.

The graduates are trained to be accepted, or absorbed by the market, and to contribute manpower for the society. Usually, engineering students are more readily to be accepted, because they are better trained in practically implementing their knowledge into the industry and market, which is more commercially functioning. This is how the companies generate profit, and pay to the employees, and engineers.

However, how about physics graduates? Are they trained to be absorbed by the market? Or, is Physics even a market?

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