Sunday, September 11, 2011

1% on Electricity, 6% on Mobile Prepaid, cool huh?


The introduction of new Tariff from the TNB just took place few months back, which was about the new rate of electric bill, or in other words, it means “the raise of electric bill”, since I never heard of the cutting of price. Now there is a new extra charge of 1% for whichever household use above 300kWh, how ‘nice’.

TNB oh TNB, are you seriously need the 1% to support the so-called “renewable energy”? Don’t you ever gain profit, and shouldn’t you used those retained profit from these few decades you have accumulated to support, but you need our money? Or, is the retained profit to somewhere else? Where to? Or, what is your prospect for developing your new plan of “renewable energy”? Show us, as a listed company, as we are public, show your prospectus please.

Besides, you are so developed company, isn’t something wrong that you need to “get more money” from public to provide better service? Shouldn’t you provide better service first before earning more profit from us??

6% tax on Mobile Prepaid Users

6% tax on Mobile Prepaid users, which is claimed as the largest market in the telecommunication world in Malaysia, is going to generate a new profit to the Telcos.

But, I just don’t understand, are the telco’s decide to collect 6% tax themselves, or they are ordered by government to do so, and by which law? Do Telco can, without approval from the government, collect the tax on behalf of government from the users? If government asked them to collect, why our Pak Jib still ask the Telco not to collect from us?

Goods & Service Tax (GST) in 2012?

Extra charges, taxes here and there, and GST is going to be announced soon. What will happen in 2012? I hope there will really be the end of the world, everyone says bye is better than shouting of suffering life because of the expenses are always controlled by THEM!

GST, is it fair enough? Is this a good way to develop the country’s economic? Or it only help the country to earn more money? The country only earn money from people? Hello this is Globalisation man, you earn your own people money, what for? Then you spend RM24m to buy a big diamond for exhibition? Do you increase the income of every household? Or you increase THEIR pocket money?

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