Saturday, December 31, 2011

Le me Trying to have good habit

Just found someone from the forum who actually perform the analysis every week on different companies, one company for one week. Perhaps, this is a good habit that I should try to do, so that I won’t be miss-out too much from the investment and business news regarding to the companies that I’m researching on.

This is good habit because I can even perform this during my semester. Anyway, I’m saying this in vacation now, I can say it easily. But when the school reopen, I’m not sure whether I can do it or not.XD Determination…determination…

But I still have to try. Never try never know how it works. But, in fact, I realise I work hard in this more than my school work. Awkward.

Starting with technologies companies first. I am holding Gtronic now, and quite familiar with it. So will skip it, and next target, Uchitec, a quite high dividend giving company as discussed recently in

Base on all the comments in the forum, the company has a good performance few years back. It maintain a certain growth on its revenue, and a good cash flow and cash holding power. Now it’s time to do homework! Analyse ALL the thing!

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