Saturday, December 17, 2011

Marketing–What is it about?

Marketing, in my definition (I don’t like to find other source, lazy to cite), is a procedure to promote or expose a product/service/brand to public. This might not be the best definition, but I would like to use this and elaborate more.

Marketing becomes a general term, in which there are many ways to market something (product/service/brand or “PSB”). But, I would like to further add on one point to describe marketing, which is “successful marketing is to promote or expose a PSB into the market/public without giving any annoyance to them”. Additional point – annoyance. Haha..I think, most of the people will have some memory about annoying people come and market their PSB.

Annoyance is very crucial to be avoided while doing marketing. MLM (multi-level-marketing), Facebook marketing, roadside marketing, or anywhere marketing could be taken place, annoyance should be taken into considered.

Roadside marketing

Ever since when we are walking in the mall, and someone come close to us, and advertise their PSB. Introducing insurance, doing surveys, distributing brochures, test-food, or any other things. When people come to introduce insurance, people like me will feel annoyed when I’m walking either alone or with anyone else. Why? I just want to get service whenever I want; when I don’t, just don’t bother me. When free food for testing, people like me will never reject. Come on, free food, who don’t want? LOL…Not only me, I believe. XD

Well, two cases, same method of marketing, proactive approaching customers/passer-by, why the effect so different? I don’t know, I don’t study marketing in school, perhaps Insurance company need to figure out some new way to do so. (Insurance is just an example, not specified to anything about insurance, just general case.)

Facebook Marketing


Ever since in Facebook was founded in 2004, and more than 500million users around the world today, I think it already hits 750million, not sure. But only within Malaysia, more than 10million are Malaysian facebook users, which is about half of the Malaysians population. Amazing? Yeah. And that’s great news for business, especially new startup business. Ever since you open facebook, and you found there’s new Notification, and you are so happy someone tagging you. Once you open, “xxx shops tagged you in his/her photos”. Wow, I don’t know this, why am I in the photo? Let’s check it out. You have been trolled…

Well, if the shop is selling something very special, and the first sight of the photo has given us a very deep impression, then the marketing win. But, if it fails to keep our impression, it just fail. Whenever I see the same shop tagging me, I just feel annoyed again. Why? Hmm..I can only say there are too many out there selling the same thing, or using the same method, which is just making me annoyed. So, even any new shop come and tag me, it won’t work for me. At least, for me. Don’t be disappointed friends out there who are doing business in that way, I might be only 50% of the people like this, 50% are not thinking in my way. LOL.

Another case, someone whoever never chat with you, and suddenly his/her name pop-out at the chatbox. It’s a link, and asking you to “like” the page. Yeah, another marketing, but it’s annoying again for me. I just don’t like XD But, again, there are still 50% of people out there.

MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)


A kind of tradition marketing, quite a long time ago, this took place. Few famous companies running in MLM method, such as Amway, Cosway, HaiO, Melaleuca, and so on.

Each of the companies may have slightly different strategy, different policy, but they are still in the group of MLM. The upper level markets the PSB to the lower level, and following the same way to even lower and lower.

What is happening during the marketing? Some people found that annoying things happen when someone who you don’t really know about you, and approach you in public, start being friend with you, find you out. Once friendship confirmed, start introducing by first telling you the good thing about joining in the companies. Then only introduce the product.

Annoying happen when a friend keep telling you the same thing over and over again until you get bored, and don’t even want to listen anymore. Well, at least that friend tried to market, and failure is just common. Treating different people might need different patience and ways, so marketing isn’t easy especially in MLM, which require face-to-face conversation.

One size doesn’t fit all

I’m not claiming that marketing is ALWAYS annoying. But, something that is overdone will become annoying. One size doesn’t fit all. Marketing cannot always be the same way. It should always be flexible, ‘marketers’ should always be creative, and communication with sensible is important.

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