Saturday, January 14, 2012

I really need to note down when I got an idea

I’m not sure whether I’m bad in memory, or it is same for everyone. But I know my memory is much weaker than anyone else. I always be so forgetful, and can’t remember something if I never jot down whatever I need to remember.

Recently, I was thinking what to write in my blog to keep my blog updated every week. I’m certain that I can’t be like Ms YY who can update her blog everyday, as she has many thing to share. But I just hope I don’t stop blogging for months, at least updated weekly. Quite admire of Ms YY’s determination. (Her blog here:

Back to topic, I was thinking what to write in my blog. Sometimes I just got an idea, and I think I could write it out. But, it just happened that the idea pop-out when I was on the bed waiting to be asleep, midnight. I was so lazy to wake up and switch on my laptop, not even wanted to hold a pen to write it down somewhere. I kept asking myself to remember until the next morning. But, at last…everyone can guess it… Sad smile I should have learnt the lessons, as it’s not the first time happened to me.

Well, I have to force myself, I should immediately write down, at all cost, no matter where or what I am doing, whenever I got some ideas. I got a smartphone, I should be able to store the idea in it.

My life is not just blogging

This happen to me not only once, because I am not only thinking to write blogs. I always try to think something different/creative/innovative/rubbish when I am really free and nothing to do. And, sometimes the idea just appeared, and I was called to do something else. Same thing happened when I never noted down.

What I always think about are things around the topic of research I am currently doing (nanotech), things in the difficult courses and hard-to-understand textbooks and lecture notes, things I want to create in future, things I think they can be very different from others. Perhaps, everyone is very familiar with this:

Apple Inc.: Think Different. Perhaps, that’s how Apple is so successful, with the great leader who always have different perception from the others, and who always want to change the world instead of just compete with others on same business.

Maybe life is just like that, every individual, every human is different from the others, but the education system, the politics, the knowledge, the information, and anything else around us make us learn the same thing, make us to go in the same way and think about the same thing.

Someone who can jump out-of-the-box can be unique! Hope I can be one…

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