Saturday, January 28, 2012

Living is not to sacrifice, but to enjoy life.

Which type of career style do you choose? High pay but no life (no entertainment, lack of holiday), OR low but sufficient pay with lot of time to enjoy the meal with family.

In my context, no doubt, no hesitate, I choose the latter one.

High pay, no life career

Let’s say, RM10000 per month, but you have to travel all around the world, alone, every single week, just for business. You have less than 24 hours to stay at home every week. Or, you have to spend your night working OT in the office, and reach home lately at the night, seeing your children’s back on the bed, without really see what they have been doing whole day long. Wake up early before the sunrise, just to avoid getting into traffic jam to make sure reaching office on time.

Personally, I don’t feel good spending too much hour in the office, and of course nobody do. But, in real life, many people might choose to get high pay, send money home, and work harder to get even higher pay from the company. For me, it’s seriously like selling my body and soul to the company, nothing left for my family. But, I don’t like this kind of life. I am trying to avoid not to let this happen on myself.

Not forget to mention working overseas or being apart from family. Leaving hometown since University is already making me feel no good. If I were given choice, I would choose working in the hometown, or not far from it, where I can go back home anytime I want. That is sooooooo convenient. Staying home, enjoying the meal together with parents and family, is the greatest thing ever I can say.

Seeing a lot of younger generation (including myself), being sent by their parents to overseas for further studies, hoping their children to work harder out there and get guaranteed in their life and career. For me, being apart from parents is sad, my time and soul are tied or sold to a company is even “sadder”.

I would say, if I was given an opportunity by company of being sent overseas, with higher allowance, higher salary, and making me even further away from my family, I CHOOSE NOT TO. I will stay.

Lower but sufficient pay, more time with family

People nowadays think to get rich, by spending more time working for company, sacrificing their time from being with the family, and claiming themselves to be so great and sacrificing, asking their family not to complain them so much about that, and claim SHOULD NOT be complained. I dislike this kind of life.

Getting lower pay, but something we like to do, instead of stress over by sacrificing time with family, not even having a meal together, to finish the job that we dislike to do. WHAT WE WORK FOR IS TO MAKE US SURVIVE, and we live to enjoy, work for ourselves, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Too much brandy merchandise nowadays, Gucci, Guess, G2000, Nike, LV or whatever, making people feel they should have one when get rich. And hence, they start to think how to get rich. And that’s how their lives change, and thus choosing to work for brandy items, instead of working for real wanted life. (Or maybe there are people who enjoy having brandy, and forget about importance of having sufficient bonding with family.)

As for me, I’m interested in Astronomy. I like stargazing, seeing and recognizing stars, explaining to people what stars we are observing now, and so on… That’s my interest. However, I know I should face the cruel reality, I have to make money to survive, food, cloth, and homestay. They are necessary. But, as I said, enough is enough, sufficient pay doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life, perhaps we could enjoy even more than those who earn much but less time with family.

Many ways to keep us survive

No one tells us that we must find a job to keep us alive. We still can survive without having a job, even without money. Food, we can wjn mplant ourselves, have a farm to feed ourselves. Drink, feed some cows and milk from cow feed us back. Cloth, we can learn how to make from the nature cotton. LOL… That’s too extreme, I shan’t have mentioned about them.

But what I want to express is, life is just too short just to live for work. Make a way out from the ordinary, or being the most ordinary, back to the nature. What I want to do is, chase my dream, fully commit in Astronomy, my most favourite subject or activity in my life, and make ways out to achieve that.

We live for dream, we don’t live for money.

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