Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lynas, please go back to Australia!

Lynas aiming for licence (2011/11/19)

"The sooner we get the licence, the faster we can do this. If we cannot prove that our operations are safe, the plant will be shut down," he said  at a special briefing and visit to LAMP yesterday.

Well, temporary license? How long is the temporary? Lynas, if you are claimed to be safe, why you need temporary license? Besides, the project is a long term, not just one or two weeks project. If the operation are unsafe, how are you going to shut down?? How do you dispose the “waste” that you have started to extract?


'Reports show Lynas plant is safe' (2011/11/21)

What kind of report? Safe in terms of what? Does the ‘safe’ include the healthiness of human? Does the ‘safe’ include the environmental issue?

He said the government would have not given the nod for Lynas Corporation Ltd to build the RM2 billion rare earth processing plant because "if  the plant were as dangerous as claimed, I would have fled as my residence and even the sultan's palace are in Kuantan".

Well, are you sure you really taking care of the sultan’s palace? When things really happened, the palace can be anytime built in anywhere else, a new and fresh location, because we people pay so much to the government, isn’t it?! How about the residence? Are their safety guaranteed? Or they are paid to move as well?

Lynas: Malaysian refinery nears completion (2011/11/30)

Lynas Corp, an Australian rare earths developer, said it’s near to completing its Malaysian refinery and will be ready to receive concentrate in the first quarter of 2012, pending regulatory approvals.

Nears completion? Well, Lynas started construction of the refinery before the government really approved the refinery. Isn’t this obvious that the company does not obey the rules and regulation? And also obviously, government didn’t take any action upon this obvious case.

If government had, in any way, allowed the construction be carried out, then it does not listen to us, the people, their boss.

'Lynas must meet standards' (2011/12/1)

"Let me make this clear,  it  is important to make sure  safety standards at the site are met before any  licence is issued."

Well, every company needs to meet a certain standards before being setup. This is for EVERY company, not just Lynas. This is not the point of meeting standard or not, this is about ENVIRONMENTAL issue, HUMAN HEALTH issue, but NOT profitable or meeting standard.

How does the standard ensure the healthy lifestyle of the residence nearby?


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