Saturday, February 18, 2012

Online booking KTMB Ticket..why is it like this??

Few days ago, I was helping my gf to buy KTMB ticket through internet. The ticket is from Kulai to Segamat, which is RM18.

Everything went ok until I tried to submit the form with the detailed required, Origin & Destination, Date, and Time, Name, IC number, and couch number.

When I tried to submit, this thing happen:

ktmb error

I mean, why? Why online transaction can’t be less than RM20/SGD 20?? I can order something from Hong Kong which is just within 10HKD (or roughly RM5). But what happen to this KTMB online service?

No choice. I recalled that I can book the ticket through SMS. Then, I found this online:

The instruction seems clear enough. Yeah, it’s quite clear. I mean QUITE. It says that I just type in KTMB KL JB 2 0 19/2/08 if I am booking for ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru. It seems OK. It’s only ok if you are buying from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru. What about Kulai to Segamat? What is the abbreviation for the two places? KL for Kulai? No, that’s Kuala Lumpur. SGT for Segamat? No, that might be some where else.

I have no clue where could I find a reference for the abbreviation. Moreover, the above “poster” is not from KTMB official website itself, it’s from someone’s blog. Well, this is awkward. I can’t even found any related poster in official website. *Facepalm*

And take note that, booking will cost AT LEAST RM2.00, for 2 replying message from the service, each with RM1.00, as can be seen in the poster. And I believe this is not refundable while you collect the ticket on the day. Perhaps we could say those are deposit, in case we just happen to cancel it.

Moreover, it’s booking, but why I just can’t get it on the day I am taking the train? Then what’s the purpose of booking? I have to collect it two days before. Seriously, this is….speechless. Or is it because no feedback was given?

Problematic KTMB booking service Problems:

1. Online transaction cannot be less than RM20/SGD20.

2. No reference of location abbreviation for SMS booking.

3. Too costly for SMS booking, with at least RM2.00 of getting reply message.

4. Booking need to be collected two days before the departure.

Well, it’s not speechless at all.. At least I still got this blog-length to complain. I just hope this kind of funny things can be improved.

MMC, when are you going to take over KTMB?

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