Saturday, March 10, 2012

Not everything goes as expected, but I would just try harder next time

The first step into university, I was blurred with everything happening here. How to register courses, how will taking minor do, how will taking Double Major courses affect us in future, and I was figuring out everything step by step. Till today, I went through most of the courses I want as expected, except now I am looking for job as internship programme.

It is not as simply as expected. Being Science students here don’t really need to involve in internship. It’s optional, because we can choose to take Final Year Project too. As I know from many opinions, internship is much more suitable for me as I am not really going to further my study in PhD so soon right after graduation, but securing a job opportunity seems to be more important for me. Hence, I choose to take internship programme.

I can choose either self-sourcing the companies myself, or choosing from the list of companies that school provides. As I know, in Singapore, not many companies would like to recruit Physics student, except of research based. Hence, I was self-sourcing at the first time. Until one day, I was called in by my supervisor, who told me that, a new regulation created just last year by Singapore Government, the company I having internship in, have to apply a temporary working pass for me, because I am a foreign student. The company might not recruiting me because they need to make payment for this working pass application. Hence I have a big chance not getting internship, and go back to do Final Year Project, which I don’t want!!

Fortunately, the organisation in-charge of this makes application for waiving this regulation. No harm for me thereafter, but not sure for future foreign students.

I carry on sourcing for companies. At first I was looking for company that is related to plastic recycling. I found that, most of the recycling companies aren’t big in Singapore, they don’t provide much opening.

I would like to learn more about recycling technology, to learn about system management, the operation system of the machining and technology used in recycling. I am aiming hard because I have a target or dream to achieve about that, and I am seeing the trend that recycling will be, or already is, a new field to be explored or developed by market sooner or later.

As I found this ‘problem’ of lacking of opportunity, I changed my direction and aimed for optical field, such as optical engineer, visual inspection engineer, which is more towards manufacturing industry. I am interested in optical, and it’s my concentration in my Physics major. Besides, I am also taking a minor in system management, which might help me to get involved into manufacturing industry, to join into operation rather than researching team.

The moment I started changing my direction, I thought it’s still early, because I will only have to confirm which company I am going to by May. That’s what I was informed in earlier time. However, this is not true! It doesn’t go as expected.

One day another email was in, giving us less than one week time to make final decision on whether self-sourcing or choosing from the list that school provided. Decision have to be made by next Monday 12th March. My friend and I was affected. My friend was wanting to join in Robert Bosch. If we insist to self-source, and at last can’t find any company, we will have to do Final Year Project. If we follow the company list provided by school, we have not much choice, no freedom, no Robert Bosch, no SIMTech, not much. Once confirmed, we can’t choose self-source anymore after interviewed by the available companies in the list.

The arrangement by school is so bad, I have to say. Either the school should inform us earlier about this arrangement, like once we apply for Internship Programme, or just let us free to continue self-source after applying for companies in the list.

That’s impractical at all. First, we don’t have time limit to find companies in real life. Second, we don’t have to get interviewed by one or two companies in the list, but we have lots of companies to choose for. Thirdly, nobody arrange for us, we have arrange ourselves.

Anyway, it’s just the system to be followed in school. Just like you have to cut your fingernail in primary or secondary school, but nobody care how long your nail is in real life.

I failed to self-source the companies I wanted so long, I would just accept the fact. I get the experiences and learn from the failure, I will try harder next time. I know something I have done wrong, not perfect, and should be corrected. I grow up to know and get clearer, this is not the only ending I should just accept, I may change the story in the real ending, the real life I would face soon.

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