Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ever imagine to have a simple life worry about money?

Most of the people dream of this. Some people dream to get retired as soon as possible, so to get the EPF/CPF or pensions to enjoy rest of life without working. Then, I start wondering, if there a way such that we don’t really need to rely on the pensions or EPF/CPF, and have enough money to live without working. If there is such a way, that means we don’t really need to wait until retirement to enjoy the rest of life! But, is there a way?

No matter there is a way or not, let’s assume there is, or put it into my dream. Now I just imagine, if I really have enough money to carry on my life without working, what will I do?

I can do what I like, without care how much I earn

The greatest enjoyment I can have is the simple life. Imagine the feeling that I have no financial burden, and I can do whatever I want, that should be much simpler. I can start to do what I really want to do, and like to do, without worrying whether those activities bring me income or not.

I am very interested in Astronomy, as always. In fact, it’s my ambition that I can become an Astronomer, since I was a kids of 10 or something close. I’m not sure why I have such ambition, but I just like to enjoy having stargazing night, with friends and peers those having the same interest.

Setting up the telescopes, lying on the flat open area, looking into the dark night sky, and just to enjoy the life that is so simple without worry about money. Friends will no longer complain about their burden life, but everyone will only talk about how great their life is, by sharing the same interest with everyone.

Let’s get back to the real life that everyone is having now. How many of us are working from days to nights, and from Monday to Friday, and from January to December, just to make sure their incomes is more than their expenses? How many of us are not doing on something we like, that we don’t really care about how much we can earn?

I can just think of my interests my dreams, and my ambitions

Needless to worry about the income, I can just think of my interests, and look forward to achieve my dreams and ambition. Just as I mentioned, I am interested in Astronomy, and my ambition is to be an Astronomer.

Being a professional Astronomer might be too far for me, but it is still my target. However, being professional one is not necessary for me, since I don’t care how much I should earn. My life is sufficient if I can be an Astronomer, either amateur or professional. The most important thing is, I can do what an astronomer do, studying about the skies, stars, the Big Bang theory, the theories behind the formation of all stars and the universe, and share every knowledge with friends and peers.

Go online, type in Google, find astronomical forums, and start sharing what I think and imagine about this universe. In fact, I can see many people in astronomy forums like to have very critical and totally different thinking to share with other in the forum. They start to imagine and creating some new theory behind, with their own explanations, and share it in the forum to ask for opinions and validations. That is the environment that I would like to have.

Or, I can go outside, hang out with friends of the same interests, and plan with them what we activities we are going to have next. Or, we can talk about what we are going to study, and share the knowledge together during the next gathering or next activity session.

Let’s get back to real life situation again, how many people would actually share their thoughts, or their inventions, when they care about that their inventions might be very beneficial and bring a lot of income to them? They might think about how could they get patents for their inventions. Thus, they start working hard on their inventions, and start to think how can they claim a patent for that. They are no longer sharing their thoughts, and enjoy the happiness that everyone sharing their thoughts together too.

How many of us today actually spend our time most on the work, but not on the interest? Perhaps, people today are thinking, working is life.

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