Saturday, June 2, 2012

Destination of Life

We are born to live, and life is simple. Everyone is born to be unique, special, and different. But, most of us just like to copy and paste others’ life story into ours, and making the life to be complicated, trying to learn from others, following their paves, which might not be suitable for us.

In ancient time, in different parts of the world, some populations hunt for food, some fish, some farm, some wait in hunger, etc. The information between one and other is disconnected. They are so isolated and have so different method to keep themselves survive. Unlike today’s technology that brings people together, and brings information flow so efficient. Yet, this raise the problem. People tend to copy others, whoever being outstanding among the people.

Since then, people start to have education. Going into primary school, secondary school, then tertiary education, leaving school life and going into work environment. But, who began with this kind of system? Who introduced it? Most people don’t really care to know, but just follow, because everyone else is doing so.

Being outstanding

When someone being outstanding, he/she is not doing the same thing as others. This doesn’t mean he/she never went to school like others, accepting knowledge like other. We have to admit, in today’s world, we need education to gain knowledge, but NOT ONLY EDUCATION.

We admire people who are outstanding, from Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein in early era, to Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg in modern age. Then, people start to follow their paves.

But, if we are to follow people’s paves, are we going to be outstanding and unique?

Evolution of education

Education exist in every age of the transformation era, even in stone age. The religious conveyors were also giving education to the people. But, the modern education system (primary, secondary, and university) was introduced somewhere in between 1900 and 2000 years. Until today, the education has been a commercial, not purely knowledge conveyors.

The professions were created in industrial age, when there are automobiles, information technologies, computers, hand phone, and etc. There are professions, then there are professional. The professional are born to supply for the demand of the professions. And where are the professional from? Education system. People are trained to be professional in school.

So, aren’t we going to be same like others, if all of us are going through the same system, and end up being professional like other? Of course, the only difference is each of us might be from different field. But what really matter is, we are trained to be professional. That’s the common for every education system.

Destination of life

And then, we ask “Why are we going through all these things?” From kindergarten, primary, secondary, tertiary, and work. What is the final objective, or destination that we want to achieve and reach? In our life, are we just following the same path like others? Why do we go to school? Why do we study? Why do we work?

I found my destination of life, is to being freedom. Freedom is my objective, and my target to be achieved in my life. If I ended up working in a company, that’s not freedom. Freedom of life, is achieved when I can do whatever I want, or I like (legally), yet never worry that I don’t have much money to survive. Staying with family and friends, being myself as unique, and independent.

What’s yours?

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