Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tiredness Makes Laziness

Laziness and tiredness always comes together.

Sometimes, when we want to do something, but when we think that is tiring, we become lazy immediately. When the room is dirty and we always want to clean it, but then we feel cleaning room is tiring, and we get lazy. We only clean the room when the level of “unable-to-stand” with dirtiness is higher than the level of laziness, then we do it.

I am getting fatter in this holiday (thanks to mom! LOL). So, I want to play basketball to keep fit. When I think playing basketball is tiring, then I am lazy. Lazy to walk out of the door, get the ball, and walk to the court. Especially when there is nobody playing with me.

I want to learn programming, like Visual Basic, which is needed for the internship. However, when I feel the need of memorizing the codes is so tiring, I feel lazy again.

I want to read up the financial reports of the companies I have invested, and analyze them. However, when I feel reading the figures and numbers on the screen is so tiring, I feel lazy.

Everything makes me lazy when I feel it is tiring.

Entertainment kills the lazy bug

But, when everything turns to be something fun and entertaining, it has been so different.

When my brother is free and I can ask my brother to play basketball with me, it’s a fun, not just a sports a keep-fit activity. I would prefer playing it longer when I am playing with him.

When I found that the Visual Basic can be used to create a lot of different Window Applications, I find it is fun! It’s so different from other programming I have learned, such as C++ (maybe it can do the same thing, but I never learn it anyway). I can create many applications, such as calculator, that automatically generate the results for all the input from a document. Or, I can even create an application that help me to analyze the financial report automatically. I will try this soon

Analyzing financial reports is not any fun before it comes with a good performance result on my portfolio. 2 years ago, I was so lazy to analyze. But, I just forced myself, told myself it’s a must to analyze, before putting money to invest any company. Today, my portfolio definitely gives me a good return, based on the fundamental analysis that I have previously. Analyzing the financial reports is not longer a boring and tiring thing, but a fun! I can see the potential, at the same time review the companies business on how they perform well in the market.

Many lazy bugs else need to be killed

Not only those, there are still many lazy bugs in my brain that makes myself lazy. One of the bugs I just killed is the habit of writing blogs. Previously, I was trying hard to comes out with new ideas for blogs. But, it’s tiring to think of new ideas. Hence, I was lazy for a period of time. I was then make it more a proper way of blog-publishing that suits me, such that I only publish my blog on every Saturday. By weekly, I don’t have to always think of ideas everyday as I don’t really have so many times besides studying to think of writing blogs.

Don’t be lazy, train not to be tired easily

Tiredness makes laziness. Everyone is lazy, generally. (If given choices, we prefer playing to working, right?) But, laziness comes from tiredness. Working is tiring, especially the responsibility that makes us stressed and tired.

To cope not to be lazy, solve the problem not to be tired easily. Training is tiring, we can make it fun. Train to be strong, to be immortal. XD

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