Saturday, July 14, 2012

First Week Internship

The first week of internship is just over. First week, not much fun, nothing much to do. On the first day, my supervisor threw me a book, asked me to finish one part of it, which is around 100+ pages. And that’s all I need to do for the first two days.

Wake up at 7am every morning, have the first meal of the day, then start walking and reaching office at 8.30am. Call off of the day at 5.45pm, either go to gym room, or straight walking home after dinner. This almost summarise my daily routine of working life. So, I guess this is typical working life for most of the people out there ya?

First time experience this kind of life, feel great and thought it could be more exciting in future. Who know what would happen? I hope there would be something challenging come to me, haha.

Learning New Stuff

First of the week, nothing much to do, and I don’t even know what to do. The only thing I am asked to do is to read the materials to get familiar with the things we are (our group) going to do in next few months. Learning the terminology in the micro-electronic field, the programming language I am going to use (Excel VBA), and some fundamental physics of semiconductor devices.

I will be dealing with Field Effect Transistor (FET) and High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT), indirectly. Indirectly, as in I am not research on them, I am just measuring certain parameters on those devices, then extract the data using my programming code, and generate the output that we want automatically.

Here’s the challenge. In the classroom for this three years, I don’t even get into the word “transistor”, the most I have is “semiconductor”. Another thing is, I don’t even have any basic Excel VBA programming skill, what I learn is C++, HTML (learned during holiday). So, everything will be totally new to me.

Luckily, my supervisor is great. He knows my background, he even told me during the interview that I’m the only Physics student to apply for this job, because this is normally being applied by students from Electric & Electronic Engineering school. Thus, he is teaching me patiently, guiding me through everything that I should know, and giving me materials to read to familiarise with them.

The Only Thing I Know

The only thing I know, I have learnt, and I can apply into this industry is the general knowledge from physics. Physics helps me a lot, in fact, it helps very much. The knowledge of electric field in the semiconductor I learned from Physics, can be applied in transistor where the electron mobility is having the same concept.

Besides, the C++ and Matlab programming language I learned makes me to love about the programming. The ideology and algorithm I should think in the way of programming language is learned from the school. This helps me a lot during my time learning the Excel VBA currently, which is needed in this internship.

In a broader view, Physics indeed improve my analytic skills. The critical “training” given by the professors, those “mountain-like” amount of homework, having me practise enough to think in the way of Physics, thoroughly. With this analytic skills, I can apply in everywhere, not just physics, but in real life, including my own healthiness, to the economic of the world (of course, indirectly). That’s why I love Physics, a tool that quantified everything that’s possible.

Bad about internship

What’s bad about internship is, I am staying in the office from morning until evening, except lunch time when I manage to leave the air-conditioned space. Unlike during the school time, the timetable is not always full. I don’t have to keep staying in the air-conditioned room from A.M. to P.M. I have times to walk around, from classroom to my bed, from my bed to canteen, from canteen to library, and to somewhere else. This allows me to exercise a bit. Sitting in office? No way, only at most, stretching muscle at my own seat.

So, I have to spend time to work out at gym room after work. Actually, it’s still a good thing, I got chance to work out since I don’t have to worry about any homework due the next day. Yeah!


Still weak. Need more training. I want six packs!

Now I need to motivate myself so that I always go to gym room to work out. I want my six packs back!

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