Saturday, July 7, 2012

Venturing into a New Life

Standing by, I am going into an entirely new life after this holiday.

New living environment

I just moved into an off-campus accommodation (no longer staying in hostel). A friend of me and I share renting a room together that costs SGD650 monthly for two persons. Staying outside, together with the house owner and her two sons (of about the same age with me), means that I have to adapt to certain different lifestyle.

First thing to adapt is living together under a roof with more than one people. All of us will have total of 5 persons. There will be 2 more coming in August, so there will be 7. 7 of us under the same roof, sharing the living room, the toilet, dining room and so on. Words from my friend “First time need to queue up for toilet after so long studying here.” Haha…

Those are just physically adaptation. What’s more important is the relationship with them. I will be staying there for minimum of one year. Every year, I changed a new roommate. And this time, my roommate is just my friend, my classmate, close enough. Meanwhile, I am staying with 3 more people. Greeting at the first time isn’t hard, but maintaining the relationship with them is examining my interpersonal skill. My brother say it right, it’s a new experience when moving out from on-campus accommodation, it’s a totally new lifestyle.

Just some story between me and the owner:

She’s kind hearted, and very very talkative. In fact, she is property agent, and I found this room through her, then she rented her house to me and my friend. Very very talkative, as she is also a counselor in church, she is Christian. She told me a lot of her background (not good to expose here), that makes her to believe in God. That’s good for her, as she found some where that she say her heart out loudly, open her heart widely to accept friends and ‘dissolve’ into community and society.

Just two nights ago, I just walked out from my room, and she started talking to me. She said, when she is stressed about the job, she leaves them aside, then eats or plays guitar and sings songs. She did it all in front of me! First she treated me Ice-cream with Avocado she bought from market. After finishing, she started playing guitar in front of me, and asking me whether I want to learn guitar. Haha…I am quite interested, but I worry that I don’t have much time to learn, so I rejected. XD After a few songs that she learned from the Church, she prayed for me, talking to the God to help me to get rid of any problem I have had, and help me in study.

Although I am not a Christian, I appreciate it very much for her prayer. She knows I am not a Christian, she invites me to Church to mix around with more friends. I rejected again with “no-time” reason, but appreciate it. Haha. She said, I can treat her as mother, as she’s about the same age as my mom. If anything I can just talk to her without any gap.

Yep, that’s just nice I got a very nice owner. Although she’s chatter, but that’s good for me as I don’t need to keep thinking what to talk to her. She will come and talk to me. Guys always are poor communicator, nothing much to say. XD

Working life

Another change to my school life will be the half-year internship. Next Monday will be the first day I start working, in Temasek Lab.

This is really a challenging task, as I can no longer “ponteng” like usually I do, skipping class whenever I feel the gravity on bed is so damn strong. This time, I need to wake myself up at 7am, wash up, and get ready to walk for 20 minutes to the company from my room. But anyway, it’s a good training for me before graduating.

I can see the “hardcore” of working life, but I am still longing to have it as soon as possible. So much excited that I can start learning something new!

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