Saturday, August 11, 2012

Human Vs Robot

When there are more and more robot replacing the human workforce, it shows that technology today is advanced enough to reduce human’s workload.

Various types of machine today in the industries and factories, have been assisting human to do some of the thing that beyond capability of human. For example, the micro to nano-scale manufacturing like electronic chips and devices, without machine, we can’t achieve that level.

And when machine has been improved to be automated, it’s called robot. No human is needed to operate at the side of the robot anymore. Robot will just take over the job that human should do previously.

Japanese Honda, focuses on the robotic industry, is going to ‘revolutionise’ so that they can reduce on relying labour workforce, and replace with robot.

What does it mean? Soon, more and more people are getting their jobs lost? When robot is advanced enough to take over the every job on the earth, what are we going to do?

Things that robot can never replace human

Sometimes it’s kind of worry human is facing, especially those whose job has the potential being replaced by the robot.

However, there are something that robot can never replace human, it’s the intelligence. Human are creative, that’s why we have robots today. Although we say that robot is clever enough nowadays to replace human, we shall see what kind of ‘cleverness’ they have, what kind of jobs they deliver.

Besides intelligence and creativity, flexibility is another thing that robot can’t replace. Humans are the children of mother of nature. We are not robot, we are not designed, we are born. Designed is fixed, born is nature. What’s the code for ‘generating’ a baby inside the body? Is there a fix programming code that run? Though we know DNA and RNA that builds up a human, but there are infinite combinations of genetic code that build up a human, that’s why everyone is unique in this world.

Of course, there are more criteria that robot can never take place. But, just the three mentioned above is enough said.

Intelligence, creativity, and flexibilty

Human has them. Intelligence to be creative, and to be flexible. Human can solve problems, new problems that has never been solved, but robot cannot. Human provides the solution of repetition by creating robot and machine. Human can be flexible to deal with any problems that comes to them. Any new problems that’s found, human is ready to face it, solve it. But, when new problems is found and never programmed into the robot, robot give you an ‘error.

These imply that, human shouldn’t be doing something repeatedly. We as human, should be creative, grow our creativity. We are not robots, the work of repetition would be replaced by robot one day. What we have to do is to create, innovate. Do something what robot cannot do. Think creatively and innovatively, face problems and provide solutions flexibly.

Robot cannot fail. If robot fails, it means error, error debugging is needed. Human can fail, because intelligence and flexibility keep us alive and ahead. No debugging is needed, we debug the problems.

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