Saturday, August 4, 2012

Searching for “hidden gold”

After selling Gtronic 2 weeks ago, now I have the cash on hand. Spare cash, should be invested. But, should I invest now, or later? I need to find the answer as soon as possible.

I would like to invest now, of course, but I am looking for suitable stock that has suitable timing to be invested. I’m looking for ‘hidden gold’ now.

What is my ‘hidden gold’?

It’s just a word that describe the stock I’m looking for. If the stock has a very good fundamental performance, then it’s a gold for me. But, why hidden? Hidden because it’s less popular, hence less active, yet still has sufficient trading volume that allows me to buy in. Less active, the price fluctuate less, and most of the time they are undervalued. Why? Because, no big news exposed on newspaper, not a common topic by everyone in KLSE, and not the focus of everyone. Everyone has been focusing on other hot stocks. Hence, it’s hidden.

I am looking and mining for this hidden gold, just to make sure I can buy an asset at cheap value. Just like the Gtronic, it earned my about 40+% after one year. One year before, the price was not fluctuating like today. It’s about RM1.09 when I bought in. After few times of dividend pay, and finally the price went RM1.47 when I sold it. It’s a hidden gold that I found that time.

Next hidden gold, where are you?

After Gtronic floating on the surface, where most of the investors have seen it, it’s no longer hidden although it’s still a ‘gold’ for me. But, this gold is kind of overvalued at this moment. Hence, I am looking for other hidden gold, where the valued is to be found and realised.

My focus is still on technology sector. It’s time to get back and do homework again! What will be the next hidden gold? Unknown yet, but to be found soon.

Current stock I am checking and studying:

  1. ENG (8826)
  2. UCHITEC (7100)
  3. MSNIAGA (5011)
  4. UNISEM (5005)
  5. NOTION (0083)
  6. etc…

For the moment, the technology stock I am owning is VITROX (0097). It’s not performing well in term of its price, and I am waiting for its 3rd quarter financial result to decide my next step, either add on, or hold. (I am not going to sell this stock, because…click this blog)

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