Saturday, September 1, 2012

Grab the Opportunities When We Are Still Young

Saving money is a good habit, but spending money needs a good habit too. How much we spend, depends on what we spend for. When we are still young, we have the benefit of enough ‘time’. So, save the time, spend the money. Take the risk of spending the money wisely. Whenever there is opportunity, take it! Save money only when we are getting old.

Young people always have chances to spend the money. What I mean by spending money is not using it randomly, buying brandies, spend for something we like but end up it’s useless, or something it’s unnecessary for us but only our desires. Spending money wisely, for young people, is what something worth us to buy, to spend, to invest, to take risk of.

Opportunities are everywhere. We are living in a modern age, financial system is an “almost perfection”, especially for risk-takers to “show hand” with their capabilities. That’s why, people nowadays are not fighting how much money they have, but how innovative they have. With the great idea, we don’t need to worry about money. We can just raise fund through this financial system. That’s the reasons, opportunities are everywhere, if we are looking for them.

Why I keep saying “young people”? Not saying that the older one cannot. But, the younger, the better. The young us have more time to restart (if we failed), more chances to learn and grab knowledge, and also depends on how fast we adapt to the society. The new generation always have the better adaptability into the new and fast pace society.

I define the “spend money wisely” as investment. Investment, not necessary has to be “buying stock”, or FOREX. It doesn’t have to be related to money only. It’s for our future. Let’s say we pay for education to upgrade ourselves, that’s investment. We try something new without paying any bucks, we are paying time, and that’s time investment. With the advanced technology today, learning tools are everywhere. Google, the best search engine I used, can almost find any common knowledge that we want to learn, and they are free! So, it depends on whether we want to invest our time on learning, or spending money somewhere else without any value.

Spending money while we are young, and saving money only when we are old.” We are still young, in a new generation. We learn, we use our knowledge, we spend our energy, we take the opportunity and the risk. Failure is a process, not the ending. Failed, we still have time to start over. So, instead of saving the money, keeping in bank, why not spend them or invest them, for some opportunities, that might help us in the future. Worth to make a try?

Anything that we spend or invest, be it money or time, must pay back to us. The return can be good or bad, success or failure. Success, it’s good, but failure doesn’t mean bad. It grows us, teaches us. And we as young people, shouldn’t we learn more, gain more? And since we are still young, we have chances to restart, why don’t take the risk?

Little baby will never know how to walk today if he/she never takes the risk of falling down.

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