Saturday, September 15, 2012

Learning the Attitude

Learning is a process of gaining knowledge, as well as correcting our attitude and behaviour while facing everything in our lives. We learn, not just for getting a career in our future, but for other parts of our lives too. We don’t learn for knowledge, we learn for a life.

Learning the attitude

We face problems everyday, even though we are staying on the bed all the time, which we will face the problem of hunger. We can’t escape facing problem everyday. But, most importantly, what attitude should we have to face and deal with the problems?

Most typical problem for students like me: What is the answer for this question? Teachers/Lecturers assign tutorial questions for us, and we are going to find the answer. We may think that, what they want from us is just answer, the knowledge and ability to provide the answer. But, shan’t we think deeper? Everyone can get the answer, but how are we getting it? In which way we are going to give the answer? Reading through the textbook to analyse more about the question, and finding solutions online, and even copying from friend’s solution, are the ways to provide solutions. Well, we can give a correct answer in tutorial, how about the correct attitude? What is the objective of doing tutorial and giving answer?

Financial problem might be another typical problem faced by most of the people. This is the most typical, yet the most difficult problem that we can hear from people everyday. It seems to be a normal situation for everyone to have financial problem. Yet, it might be true, or might be not. Besides complaining of not having enough money, what else can we do? How are we facing the same problem everyday, that is again and again appearing in our minds, and seems like unsolvable? We might take action of cutting our expenses, or we might change our attitude of reduce complaining, and just enjoy the ‘less money’ life. Why not? What we only need is food to eat, and room to stay. Other than that, are just self-satisfaction and expectation, not the necessary. If we are expecting much, we are going to complaining more. Else, we could enjoy the satisfaction of having “just enough”. That’s how attitude works.

Unhappiness in life, has been a very common topic nowadays. In my point of view, the root of this problem is how one’s attitude in facing his/her life. People are fighting for career, having competition with each other, facing failure of interpersonal relationship, etc. What have we been doing all this long? Fighting for a better life? So, is that a way, a way to achieve better life is to facing fail in life? Oh, probably, because people said “Failure is the mother’s of success”. But, does that fail mean we should even lost what our lives should have fundamentally? Like, relationship? Or, healthiness? How about, time to rest? People’s attitude is easily influenced by the environment. How people around us are acting, we are reacting. That’s the Newton’s third law. But, Newton’s third law doesn’t define exactly how the reaction should take place in people’s attitude. We can control our attitude when we are facing challenges and problems in our lives.

Asking ourselves again, why is that necessary to fight for career? Or, more precisely, a BETTER career? To get higher salary? That goes back to the question of why higher salary? For better life? Again, what means better life? Isn’t that simple, happiness means better life? At least that’s what I am currently thinking, and I would be keeping the same thought forever. If we don’t expect, we don’t chase after. Having dream is good, but sacrificing something unnecessarily is not. Chasing after dream is good, happiness comes from dream too. But, sacrificing means dropping happiness. I don’t believe people are dreaming to sacrifice anything.

Attitude can be changed, and we can control it, not to be simply influenced by environment. I like this phrase very much recently:

Life is hard, make it easy.


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