Saturday, September 8, 2012

Question: Is Reading Other’s Stories a Way to Gain Our Experience?

This question just appears from no where in my mind. I am wondering, is it a way to gain experience by reading up other’s stories, like successful person’s stories, their biography, and their life story? My point of view, it is.

There are many motivational articles, successful stories and experience sharing journals which are worth to read. Social media like Facebook and Twitter are one of the best places to get these articles circulating in the society.

One kind of successful stories is the entrepreneurial achievement. For example, the stories of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, have always been shared around. Steve Jobs, who gave a speech in his old college. His “three-story” speech is being shared everywhere too. These stories or articles are worth to read, for everyone.

Don’t ever think the stories are from great entrepreneurs, then they are shared only for entrepreneurs. Great entrepreneurs are like us, they need to live, and go through the different phases of life. Reading their stories, not by learning how they build up their business, but how they “pass” in difficulty of their life. We can always get grade “A” in the school, but it’s not easy to “pass” the real difficulty when we face. These stories are just there to be shared, to be read, and to be learnt how we should be motivated to go through each phase in our lives.

The best article is not just one, but combination of different articles. There’s no one article can fit everyone. Every individual has different characteristics, thus one motivational style cannot inspire everyone. I can say that, the best article I read is written in ourselves, by ourselves, and from ourselves. We can read many articles, but what’s most important is how we are going to interpret them, and make them suit us. From there, we will start writing a motivational article in our minds.

Reading others’ stories is just like getting feedback to ourselves. We might have or have not gone through the same experience. But, from their experiences, we could learn and get inspiration. Words can speak, but what they are really talking about depends on how we interpret them. I like reading a lot of others stories.

Saying “never give up” is easy, doing is hard. Reading “be positive” from the articles is easy, but applying is hard. Different stories have different effects to each particular. One article might inspire and motivate to some of the people, but not for some others. We have to read more articles, more stories, more sharing, in order to find the ones which can really inspire and motivate us.

Besides the entrepreneurial successful stories, there are more stories about some ordinary persons who have achieve great. Or, perhaps, they just have their lives, what they achieve isn’t great, but happiness. For me, happy life is another achievement, an achievement that one does not need to chase after anything, not to be materialism. One does not have to fight for big cars, big houses, and sacrifice the health and happiness. Simple life makes their life pass easily. But, how many of us can really did this?

Reliability? Truthfulness?

Inevitably, there is an issue about the media. What’s being shared might not always be real. We read a lot of shared posts and articles, stories of the great people. But, who can really justify that the stories are really correct and true? One ‘super amazing’ true story shared by only once, might not be trusted. One fake story being shared by millions of people, it might become true.

Media today, we can’t simply trust everything in it. But, that’s not the point. Most importantly, what should be delivered is being delivered. The information inside, no matter whether the stories are true or not, as long as it can inspire us, and teach us, no harm trusting and learning. It is better that we trust something that inspire us, than realise the truth that demoralises us.

Not the only way to gain experience

However, we have to understand that, reading on others’ stories is insufficient. It helps, but not enough. We still have to take actions, perform, and get the real experience, the very personal experience.

We read others’ stories, we can’t really get enough experience. What we get are ideas, ideas that might transform into experience. Imagine when we are doing something, and we get caught up by some obstacles, then what you get from the reading might help.

However, getting experience and knowledge from articles, and getting motivated and inspired from stories, are different from using and applying them. Applying them to create our own stories will be the real experience, a unique experience.


The best motivational article is not just one, but many, that we combine them into one, and rewrite it in our minds, and fits us perfectly, suits us, and works the best in motivating and inspiring us.

Regarding to the title, and what do you think?


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    1. What's ur experience u get from reading?any physical example or ur personal experience Mr Leaf?