Saturday, October 13, 2012

Question to myself: Shall I Further Study?

I have given myself an answered, but just want to share my thought about it. The answer is No, not within this few years, not right after I graduate from NTU.

What’s my objective of studying PhD?

I have to make myself clear, what is the motivation I further study in PhD? If I am going to further study, the main objective is to get myself exposed to the research environment in my field, and gain more knowledge about it. Although I know the resources for me to study myself is limited, I will rather try not to ‘bond’ myself for at least four years in the school. I would rather try out the real world outside, and expose to different kind of knowledge rather than my own field.

Not saying I don’t like my current field, Physics. I love it, I love it too much. But, I would rather choose another method to improve my knowledge, than just doing research and bonded in the school and following Professor. There are many ways that I can go, I just a little bit bad ass, don’t like to follow the way that most of the people go through. But I like this. haha

I know myself, I know what kind of method I should use.

I know myself very well, I am not suitable to just sitting and studying. I don’t learn anything without doing something with my own hand and own experience. I experienced this during my internship. When I first got into the company, I was asked to study a more than 200 pages of fabrication process on GaAs FET. However, I can’t really understand all of them until I try on hand experiment, join the discussion with my mentors and supervisor, try to listen carefully of what they said, then only read back the 200+ pages thing. This make me learn faster than just reading and reading and reading.

I don’t like to read without understanding. I prefer “touch” something first, try to understand the thing with what I have known, and find research papers to assist me in analysing the thing. This is how I do to help me understand most of the things in internship.

Also, I like to apply my knowledge in different field rather than just one. I am in the internship of microelectronic field, where I apply my Physics knowledge into it, try to use my method of understanding, at the same time enhance the knowledge and application of Physics into the real world, not just book and examination paper.

That’s the way I like, and that’s one of the reasons I don’t think to go for PhD.

The allowance for studying PhD is very high…hmm

The SMART project, come up with more than SGD3000 monthly allowance for studying PhD. This in fact attracted me. It takes me some times to think about it. But, I asked myself again, take away the allowance, is that really what I want? It’s not, really.

If I choose to go for that, I ended up working for money instead of what I am interested in. That would be the typical saying of “No life”. I choose not to.

Bond, I want no-bond life!

Bond is one that I don’t like, freedom-less. I am bonded 3 years to work in any Singapore Registered Company after graduation. That’s how Singapore government try to keep the potentials.

But, I accepted it, I am going for it. After 3 years, I am a free man! I am ready to accept more knowledge than it will be in studying PhD!

Just my personal opinion, it’s how I think I should go in my way. People who read shouldn’t feel affected, you have your way, I have mine. Good luck everyone!

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