Sunday, October 21, 2012

Through This Internship, I Know Myself Better

Through this internship, I realise, find out, discover a lot of things about myself. I know myself better, the way I should follow to learn new things, the way I communicate with people, the real me, inside me.

Way to learn, learn to discover

I am not a good reader, I read things slow. Articles, books, stories, journals, everything in words form, always take me sometime to understand them. But, I’m not illiterate. I’m just get bored easily of the words written all over the pages. LOL

Through this internship, I found that I learn better through the hands-on experiences, by touching, seeing, observing, listening, and discussing with mentor. I always feel sleepy when reading the articles and doing literature review. But, I like to do things with my hands. I like experiences, instead of reading and understanding. Because I know, I wouldn’t understand everything from the words. The image just never appear in my mind when reading those words.

Reading only assist me to understand MORE and DETAILED about the things I learn. Many new things I learn in this internship are through the experiments I carry out, measurements I do, samples I observe and see, and equipment I use. If I am only to read the words “Keithley System was used to do the DC measurement”, I wouldn’t understand if I never do that measurement. The first few questions will be “What is Keithley system?”, “What is DC measurement?”, “How does the system carry out the measurement?”, “What is the outcome from the measurement?”, etc. That’s why, I can only understand by touching and feeling the physical objects.

I can learn even faster after getting the hands-on experiences then reading beforehand. After knowing the basic operation by handling the equipment, I will start to look for the related journals or articles, or any detail introduction about the equipment and system I used. From which, I can learn more about the mechanism, the physics theory, the principle of working behind that equipment, which cannot be seen by eyes. That’s how I learn new things in this internship. That’s my way of learning.


Through this internship, I found that communication is very important when dealing with different people around us. Communication is two ways, from us, and to us. When I am learning, I am listening to mentor, and get the knowledge from mentor. When I have opinions, I am giving suggestions, I am talking, and I need to get my mentors attention to understand my words, in their language.

As I am having a Physics background, everything I learn is in Physics language. It’s inevitable to have a communication gap between me and my mentors who are from electronic background. However, I understood that there will be this gap before I entering this company. And that’s my purpose of having internship here, as I would like to learn their terminology, their languages, and their different level of understanding about electronic (microelectronic).

In order to communicate well with my mentors, I need to learn more from words, I have no choice. But, I don’t like to read. Thus, I will listen more to my mentors when they are having discussion among themselves. Through the way they discuss, getting more and more information from the experiments they have done, I start finding the related information online (Google is always the best friend), and start learning the new words, new knowledge, with the assistance of my Physics background.

The greatest thing is, I can, at the same time, learning both microelectronic terminology, as well as the application of the Physics knowledge into this field. This is what I really want for so long! Physics is the language of everything! I just love Physics very much, because it can really be applied everywhere, as long as we can find the way.

The more I learn, the better I feel. I really enjoy my internship. I just like to learn new things, by the application of the knowledge I learn, it’s not difficult as long as we have the heart!

Internship ending soon, within two months

I so hope that I can have longer internship. LOL. But, I appreciate the time being here, 5 months. Within two months time, I need to submit a 30k words report, presentations, which I will have to explain everything I am doing during my 5 months internship, including the details of experiments, measurements, my personal experiences, knowledge gain, and etc.

Too many things to include in my report! Starting my report soon. See ya guys!


P/S: Due to some personal reasons, blog was not updated yesterday. Slight delayed. Sorry to my readers if anyone is waiting!

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