Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Always Do Experiment on Myself

I like to try new things out, especially something that I never know, and I heard from people about that. Just recently, I used myself as experiment sample when I almost get fever.

Few days ago, I feel myself almost falling sick. I started with sore throat, and followed by some light coughing. The sore throat was giving me a signal that I would be fever soon.

Usually, when I got fever, the only thing I did was to eat medicine and drink warm water. And, I would never touch cold drink, any cold drink.

Until one day, I heard an aunty told a story about her caring her grandson, who got fever one night. She told me that people must not drink hot water when got fever, but cold water instead. That was a big surprise for me, that told me that I was wrong all this time?? No wonder I was so suffer when I got fever previously.

This time, I tried the cold water on myself, making a new experiment. Although I ate medicine for two days, I still didn’t really get well. Until one afternoon, when I recalled the aunty’s word, I bought a cold pearl tea (Teaz) from canteen, Green Apple Milk Shake, and have lunch as usual. After lunch, after finishing the pearl tea, I bought another cold drink again, Water Chestnut.

After that day, my fever really gone! What an awesome feeling. I should have known this earlier. But, what was being scary was I had no idea what will happen to me after drinking the cold drink when I was in fever. I was using my own body to test something! That’s an experiment! LOL…

But, obviously, experiment successful! Great, many thanks to the aunty. haha…

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