Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rest, is Part of Our Jobs

Sometimes, we are just too busy to work. We keep working and working, to finish the tasks give to us, to sustain our financial status, and to achieve our dreams. But, most of the times, we forget that we need to rest too.

Rest, by the most fundamental definition, it is opposite to “work”. When we rest, we stop our work. We stop everything on our hand to take a break, by taking a short nap or long sleep, hanging out with friends for social life, playing games or sports for entertainment.

Most of the time, we might feel that, the more we rest or “not working”, the more guilty we are. We feel we are guilty because we keep playing although we know the work is undone and incomplete. The bad feeling of staying in between the thought of “fun” and “work” always caught us while we are playing. When we are trying to play harder, we tend to think about our incomplete tasks. When we are working hard, we feel that we don’t have enough rest. Why is that so hard for us to find a balance point in between?

Just think: Rest is part of our jobs

So, in order to find the balance life, the balance between “fun” and “work”, we just need to think: Rest, is part of our jobs. By this way of thinking, we won’t feel guilty of taking more rest. But, of course, we still need to know the balance between “rest” and “work”. Our final target is to complete the tasks we have, yet we should have enough rest, that’s our HUMAN RIGHTS.

How to find the balance? How do we ensure that we won’t overspend our time on play, which become a waste of time? How do we ensure we don’t overstressed on work and never get enough rest? This is really depends on personal ability. One might be working for long hours without rest, but others might lost the concentration after a short period of working time. So, time management plays the role. Plan a schedule for ourselves then, but be flexible with it. It might change from time to time based on our conditions and situations.

Most of the cases, we only list our tasks in the schedule, but we forget to slot in the time for rest and entertainment. Don’t forget, “rest is part of our job”, it’s our responsible to take care of ourselves and have enough rest. Our brain need enough rest for inspiration.

This applies for everyone, everyone who needs to think critically, like researchers, teachers, students, or any professionals who need inspirations in their working field. Be clear of what we need, then we have our ways to achieve it.

Inspiration comes from clear mind, not stressed mind

My future career is not far from research field, inspiration is one of the criteria that I should have. Inspiration comes from no where, and comes from everywhere. If we have clear mind, we are getting inspiration easily. Don’t stress our mind to have an innovative idea, but let our mind have enough space for inspiration.

When we don’t have idea, we need inspiration, so we need to have clear mind. We only start stressing our mind when we got the idea, after the idea is transforming from abstract to more and more physical and imaginable. We stress our mind only when we are clear of the idea, and start developing the idea from the inspiration, not when we need ideas.

Need inspiration? Have a clear mind first. Need a clear mind? Have enough rest. Need enough rest? Manage your time, plan your schedule ahead, include the time to rest in it.

P/S: To my fellow physics friends and juniors, good luck for your final exam. And good luck for all NTU students too! I’m going for my final report too! All the best everyone!

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