Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weekend, not just the end of the week!

Weekend - end of the week, but it's also start of my week! It recharges me, help me to release all the tiring works, provides me times to have great break before I'm going for the next challenge!

I win bidding HP Touchpad!

Last weekend was just too awesome for me!
First, I was bidding a HP touchpad online, and I got it! I got it with the price of my budget. This touchpad is just awesome. It is not the best in the market, not comparable to the iPad, but it is just sufficient for me. With that pricing, I can enjoy the same thing if I owned an iPad which cost few times higher than this. What is even greater is not just this, is the kind person who sold his touchpad to me. He delivered this touchpad to my sister apartment without needing my sister to meet him at MRT station. It was so great, and thanks so much to the gentleman, Jasper!



Mama, happy birthday!

Secondly, it's my mom's birthday celebration! Together with my sister and sister-in-law, we planned for the celebration. No surprise given, but a simple meal at restaurant, with my grandma, my mom's mom, and a New York cheese cake from Secret Recipe, everything went perfect! An English and Chinese version of birthday songs sang together, together with my brother who was calling from China as well, singing over the phone, haha! Simple means perfect, it's enough, more than enough to express our gratitude of her parenting for so long. We have grown up, and it's time for us to give back what has been given to us. Though simple, but the happiness is delivered, that's what my parents want us to be. They are easy going and I'm happy to have such kind parents.

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My car is like a new one!

What's even more? Yeah, I love my car. My almost-20-year-old Proton Iswara just comes alive! It's sent to service, and everything get repaired, including the alarm and remote control. The shell is also fixed and painted new. Just like a new car. Awesome! Oops, too bad, no photo taken.

The weekend was just too awesome too me, and I get fully recharged after went home. Going to prepare for next big thing, my final report and presentation, and to end this Industrial Internship program next week!

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