Saturday, December 8, 2012

Internship Ended! Yeah!

The day is finally here! I ended my internship yesterday, and I'm now officially in semester break! It's time to reflect myself again.

I can say, this semester is even greater, or it can be the greatest semester ever since year 1. I learned a lot and a lot. It is about internship, it is about life as well.

Rest is important

After working for one whole semester, not only I realise that working is just part of our life, we shall not forget to rest too. Don't forget that, people need to do exercise, refresh our minds, rather than sitting in the office for the whole day long.

I experienced this during my internship. At the beginning of internship, I found myself in a very hard time understanding all the new stuffs in the company.

Especially, I am a Physics background student, and what I was doing in the company were mostly micro-electronic. I need much time to understand them, and so called “translate” them into physics to understand better.

Very fortunately, with one of my very good friends, who was working together with me in the same company but doing other project, accompanied me throughout the internship to do exercise together after work. Thanks so much to him.

Throughout the semester, I did a lot of exercise, jogging, gym, tennis, badminton, and many things else. What was to be proud was the efficiency of work after doing exercise. I felt myself refreshed, and whole body relaxed although it was tiring.

I had good night sleep, and I was no longer thinking about job and work at night. Once I reached home, I rest, without stress. Because of well rest, I worked more efficiently in the second day. I was able to write more than 5 programs, starting from raw, within 5 months time. With some guidance by my mentor, and reference from papers, I wrote those programs and had been implemented to extract measurement data automatically.

Life is not just working

After working for one semester, I gain knowledge. At the same time, I gain my interpersonal communication skill. The way I communicate to my mentor, to my supervisor, the way I address them before start conversation, the way I email to them for official admin procedures, so on and so forth, were improved, not just one day, not just one month, but the experienced taught me.

There’s also a janitor, I called her “aunty”, an old lady, who liked to talk a lot. All the while she was working in our office, helping to clean up the office, re-stocking the coffee and the cookies in the pantries, and cleaning washrooms. But, she was working alone. So nice when I found there were other colleagues talk to her too. And I enjoyed talking to her, spending some of her time, and listening to her stories, or her children’s stories? haha..both. She told me to work hard, and pay more effort, there will be return in future, just like her children. She enjoyed sharing with me, I enjoyed listening and talking to her, and spending my working time, and actually “slacking” for awhile. Haha…

Just yesterday, I asked her whether she went Batam before, as I am planning for a trip with friends to there soon. She said no, but she say it would be a beautiful place. Then, she started to story her other trip in Pulau Jawa, from East to West, a 10 days trip, which was so fun for her. She enjoyed the scenery. Ah huh! That’s how I learn there is a nice place in Pulau Jawa. Maybe next trip? Haha. That’s why I enjoyed listening and talking.

Perhaps, work is simple, if we think simply

Don’t make things complicated. When I did programming, I used to thing the coding is hard. And sometimes, I didn’t dare to start because I didn’t know how and where to start. Then, I realised it’s not the right way to think everything in once. I should just started programming, and improved the program step by step when there is something out. I can’t expect the program to be perfect at the first time, but I can slowly improve it to make it better. That’s how I enhance my efficiency, and praised by my mentor when he just requested on the same day I completed the task.

Programming is difficult, if I don’t know anything. But, it is simple when I started it. Once I started, I kept on searching online source, to find out the codes to be used in certain part. Google is my best friend who provided me a lot of answers I want. I can’t leave it totally. A little bit over-relying on it. XD

Same thing for other part in my life, I used to think of something, trying to come out some ideas, or some perfect ideas at the first time. But, in fact, I shouldn’t do that. I should start with simple, and grow it into complicated.

What I learn, is not just knowledge, but life

Seriously, internship inspired me a lot. Many things that I never tried, I tried it during my internship. Experiencing the working life, the life after working hour, spending the leisure time by hanging out with friends, or stealing some times from work chit-chatting with Aunty. Well, I am still good. Hahaha…

I enjoy it very very much. By the way, I’m flying off to Miri for my cousin’s wedding. I ended my internship! I started my holiday! Yippie! And Happy Holiday to other NTU students too!

Don’t restrict ourselves just to learn the professional knowledge when doing internship, we should open our mind to learn more than that.

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