Saturday, December 1, 2012

Love what you do, or do what you love?

I have this topic in my blogging lists since long time ago, but I still didn't know what's the real answer, because I'm the one who is trying to find out the answer also. Hence I didn't know how to deliver my ideas through this blog until today. The answer should be both. We have to do what we love, we also have to love what we do.

First, we learn to love what we do.

When we are dealing with the real life, when we are not able to take the full control of our career, we face the financial stresses and other responsibility, then we have to learn how to love what we do.

Sometimes, we feel stressed when we work, especially when we are dealing with our bosses, because they are paying us. People say, the salary is paid, 50% of the salary is what we do, 50% of the salary to compensate the emotional disturbance when getting scold by boss. LOL

Anyway, we have to learn, learn how to love what we do. Of course, we have many choices, why do we stay at a company for so long when we don’t feel well? But, what should we tell the boss we want to leave? Boss is too fierce and strict? Stressful? Then we gonna have bad time finding next job. Next employer might say we are not capable to deal stress, small matter, or interpersonal skill not strong.

When we accepted a job, the moment we accepting it is we like that job. We start working it with passion. But, one day, we might find that it is not what we want. That happens quite typically to everyone I guess. Why? I think, it’s because when something that we like, or we are interested to, becomes a career, or a result that we have to fight for and chase after. For whom? For our boss. No choice, because we are working for them. But, what if we know how to love our job?

We can learn how to love our job, by first finding back the passion, the reason we accepted the job. Why have we accepted? Why are we unhappy with it now? When we are working, are we doing something we like, or are we fighting the result for our boss? Fighting result is stressful, when boss is expecting from us. If we are thinking in a way that, we are working on our own, don’t care what boss say, just follow the direction and believe ourselves we can make it. Why care so much about what boss has complained? What boss want is not the process, is the result. If we keep following the way the boss telling, of course we don’t feel well because we are not having freedom, that’s why we start disliking the job. What if, we have our way, we rest whenever we want, we clear our mind, getting better inspiration, rather than getting stressed by boss? That’s how we find back the love of what we are doing.

Then, we can do what we love.

So, two things. One, we find back the love, the passion on the job. Second, we really give up the job, and go for something we really like. For example, people always say hobby cannot be a career, because they can’t feed us. But, if we achieve certain financial status, or financial freedom, we retired, and we can do what we love. I love astronomy, I love stargazing, but none of them bringing me money. But, I just love to share the stories, or listen to stories, from others, to others. We are not pursuing anything if we do something we love. The only thing we pursuing when we do what we love is happiness. That’s it.

Back to the first thing, we find back our love, then we can carry on working for boss. But, we have our own way, just convince the boss we can make it. Don’t worry about you, you will make it. And you will love it. It’s your interpersonal skill challenge now, how you are going to convince your boss not stressing you too much, but giving you more chances to complete your job in your own way, with you passion.

Again, second thing, do what we really love. So, let’s talk about hobby again. If we are able to maintain the happiness by loving the job we do in the company during the day time, we maintain an income. So, we can do something fun at night! Let’s say, tell stories to daughter and son, share the happiness with wife, hanging out with friends, etc… Those are the thing that don’t bring us income, but we are enjoying doing it. In fact, we love doing it!

So, we learn how to love what we are doing. If we manage it, we can do what we love to do!

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