Saturday, January 5, 2013

Different kind of memorable

It was Christmas eve, the raining cloud has covered almost the whole peninsular Malaysia, and it was raining especially at the east coast.

Year end, December was the raining season, and many places were flooded, like Terengganu and Kelantan. That was the day, the Christmas eve, I with few if my friends, was heading to Sungai Lembing for adventure trip. We were from South Malaysia.

When I just departed from the bus terminal for about 5 minutes, an SMS from my friend, saying that the destination was flooded. Exactly on the day we were going. That was so unfortunate, but we were already on our way..

No choice, we looked for another place to stay. It was off town, take about 45 minutes to reach Kuantan town by local bus. A home stay, owned by a Malay, it was so suitable for us, a budget trip, just RM100 per night to fit four persons, a three room double storey terrace.

Kuantan was flash flooded, and it was the worst since 1971. But, we weren't that unlucky, because when we reached and checked in the homestay, the condition was recovered. We were still able to get into town at night, to buy the bus ticket back to south Malaysia on the second day. Sound ridiculous, we went there, and bought a bus ticket to go home on second day. LOL

It was raining the entire day and night. We can't go anywhere except staying home and watch TV. Oh yeah! Just nice, it was Christmas eve. After we went to town, bought the ticket, and we went to East Coast Mall to bought something back for Christmas eve. We have champagne, and a lot of snacks!


I felt it! The stomach full of junk food late at night, and just slept like that. Awesome! But, gonna have more exercise afterwards to get rid of those cholesterol.

Second day

It was still raining. I got nothing better to do, counting cars passing by.


When all my friends woke up, we decided to leave early, to avoid being trapped by the flood in some other places. We were worried by the heavy rain in the whole morning.

We pack-up, calling off the day. We didn’t plan anything at all. Then, we left and on the way to the bus terminal, trying to get an earlier bus. Just on the way to the terminal, we saw something! Zaman Restaurant!


It’s famous of its Nasi Lemak. We decided to stop the bus and just try it. Haha, it was a great choice! We never regret of getting there although the rain is so heavy!


This was awesome! The taste was among the best I have ever had. I gonna miss this. Well, this worth the ticket back, for travelling from South Malaysia to here.

But, what’s even great is, I was with friends who can get along with this kind of situation together. No one complained about this, we just went through together, and trying to get different kind of fun!


Having fun, shooting under the rain could be different kind of activity too. Not everyone has this kind of chance, shooting in the rain, at a bus stop. LOL! My friends were just so enjoyable and playful, we don’t really care it’s raining.

Although it’s bit disappointing of not getting to the Lembing waterfall and mountain, we still able to make some fun out of nothing. Indeed, it’s different kind of memorable.

Just to summarise

My whole trip was, a two days one night trip, where me and my friends travelling from South Malaysia to Kuantan, just to eat the famous Nasi Lemak. And, oh ya, while we waiting for bus to go home, we watched the CZ12 by Jackie Chan too. That was not in plan as well. LOL

That’s how I had my last tour in end of 2012. Happy new year 2013!


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