Saturday, January 19, 2013

Obstacles in Our Lives, Face Them!

Stars are always there, even when the cloud is there, stars will never disappear from the sky, they are just covered by the cloud, and the cloud is the obstacle.

The obstacle is the restriction. The restriction might be differently defined by different people. For normal observers on the earth, they will always be controlled and affected by the weather. When it is cloudy, observers can't see anything, and observers are giving up observing.

For some other people, they never stop breaking through. They are never affected by any weather. They might be observers too, but they make the breakthrough, overtake the sky and cloud, and they send the satellite through they sky, into outer space, and observe everything which is far more clearer than those who observe on the Earth, and they are no longer affected by the weather. They breakthrough, because they believe, and they don't give up, with just the weather. They can't control the weather, but they approach the success differently, which don't even need to control the weather at all.

Obstacle can be a restriction, it can also be something that make us stronger, that make us breakthrough. It depends on how we think of the obstacle, it can't be anything in our mind. We should not let the obstacle control us, but break the restriction to achieve the success.

There is not always a smooth journey or pathway in our lives. Facing obstacle is something usual, everyone should face it. If we escape, we never really appreciate the real life. The life is not normal if we skip all the obstacles. People are learning from the obstacle, and growing with them. The bigger the obstacle, the stronger we grow, and then we face new bigger obstacles.

No longer how long we lives, no matter how success we are, there’re always obstacles and challenges. What we need to do is, instead of staying on the Earth staring at the cloud and waiting for the weather to get better, we should explore and find out the better way that breakthrough and reach beyond the current limit.

Obstacles can be challenges that make us stronger, or restrictions that make us stop. It’s all about how and what we think about it. Challenge it, or give up.

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