Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year! 癸巳年新年快乐!

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! One year once, a big celebration that must we be having together with our family, especially our parents.

From year to year, I have grown up, from an A-level kids to a bachelor degree holder soon. This is my final year in university as an undergraduate student, and I am shouting “Merdeka” soon! Few more months later, I will be graduating from NTU, and be an official Bachelor holder.

Coming few months will be more challenging than it was used to be in my life. My life will be getting tougher, because I have more responsibilities to take care of. Once I graduated, I am totally relying on myself. I need to start my working life, no more student’s life. University life is much more easier as compared to the working life (heard from many seniors), and I believe so. All this while I am hoping that I can graduate soon, because I could start earning money. When time is there, when I need to start finding a job, the stress is there. Ah huh! That’s how I am convinced the university life is much more easier.

Everything is planned by school, and we just need to follow the guidelines, and take the courses accordingly, then finish our semester by semesters. Sometimes, we still have time to play sports, chill with friends, hanging out whenever we want. We can skip the class when we feel tired of playing games over the midnight. Burning the midnight oil for gaming, instead of homework. And that won’t be the life after graduation.

Coming up next in my life…

Coming few months, what I am going to do will be studying hard, and complete all the tasks given in my academic. Completing the assignment is one of my job as a student. Besides that, I need to find a job upon graduation. Finding job is the priority, because paying back loan is necessary. Loan is one of my biggest burdens that I need take care of. And, of course, travelling before I start working with my friends, a graduation trip.

Everyday is a new day, every part of my life is a new life. New timeline, new journey, and new challenges. Life isn’t boring when there are new things to do. Studying for four years, although I am facing the books everyday, I try a lot of new things which are not related to book as well. For example, I just finished my internship programme in Temasek Laboratories, learn about the working environment, rather than staying in the cohort listening to the lecturer everyday. Apart from that, I learn more about designing website, writing codes using PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, MySQL etc… They are tools that might be useful in my future.

Life is not boring when we do the same things differently. Although it might be boring when doing same thing, but we can do in many ways! Whatever it is, I just love to try to do differently, think differently, from different ways and different directions of approaching and analysing something.


After the highest return I get from the Gtronic in my portfolio, so far there’s no other breakthrough yet. I am expecting Vitrox to have some result soon, at least before the GE13. Hopefully I still have chance to sell it once its price reach my target.

Recently, the market is fluctuating so much. Everyone is worried about the GE13. Our beloved Ah Jib kor still doesn’t want to announce when is the precise date lately. Everyone’s neck get longer and longer of waiting, man~

No matter how, I still concern about the fundamental performance of my stocks. So far everything is performing well. I am just waiting chance to turn my stock into cash to prepare for the unforeseen future. Who knows there’s really a big bear market coming, and I need cash to stock up my portfolio. People buy I sell, people sell I buy. That’s the my rule.

Chinese New Year!

And yep! Finally what I have been waiting for is Chinese New Year! I have been waiting for this and it’s the day! I finally get home! Hooray! It’s a long break! Relatives are coming back, and having a big grand New Year eve dinner soon. Can’t wait for that.

Chinese New Year, what parents hope for are their children’s companion. For those who are working faraway, or studying abroad, welcome home and ‘kah fan’ 加饭. Enjoy your meal longer with your family, and enjoy the moment of family gathering and happiness sharing from everyone.

Here’s a video:

Chinese New Year, happiness comes first. Forget the old, welcome the new. Happy Chinese New Year.

Wish everyone in prosperity, harmony and healthy! Gong Xi Fa Chai!


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