Saturday, March 23, 2013

About Achieving Target and Dream

Everyone is talking about achieving life target and dream. But, before we start fighting for what we want, we should have clear idea of what we want. This is serious, sometimes we just lost our direction mid way when we are fighting for something. We might be lost in the half way and we don’t remember what we are fighting for.

What kind of life and lifestyle we want to have?

When we talking about life, or life target, we first define how our lives should be. Some people choose to have simple life, relaxing life, and achieve target slowly. Some people choose to have rushing life, busy life, and try to achieve dreams as early as they could. Two different lifestyles produce two extremely different kind of thought and people. But, which one are we choosing to have? That’s the first thing we need to know.

But too bad, just too bad. Most of us are just not able to control how our lives could be. When we first stepped into the society, the first thing we face is financial problem. Financial as the main source of problem in our lives because it is the main source to sustain our lives. No whether where on Earth we live in, we always worry about our financial sources. This is the reason, many of us who would like to have relaxing life, cannot make it.

Soon, we lost our direction

At the same times, many of us, who have big dream, cannot think of the way out to achieve it. Because of financial stress, social-burden, responsibility on family, we just can’t achieve our dream easily. Some people who can’t hold on their dream, might just give up, being in acceptance, of whatever condition and kind of life they are in. Some people who might be stronger and more determined, still finding their way out to achieve their dream, even though it might be hard, long and far fetch.

Those who lost their target, lost their direction. We can’t keep going without a target to be achieved. We need a target in our lives, as a motivation to keep us going. Determination is indeed needed.

If we lost direction and target, what else are we talking about life? Finding back a target is what we are supposed to do now.

Find back the dream, or change a dream.

Losing life target is some kind of painful experience. There’s no motivation for us to keep on going. The day will be boring, and we are just working everyday for nothing. Oh yes, we are actually fighting for family, fighting hard to make sure our family is well shaped. But, before we are actually having a family, before we even grown up, we have a dream, remember? That’s the dream we actually want to achieve. But, where has it gone? Isn’t it something we need to do to find it back?

Oh, and yes, before we grow up, our dream is sometimes ridiculous, very imaginative, and sometimes sounds unpractical. But, since we have grown up, and we have learnt much more practical things, and we found ourselves to be ridiculous in dreaming. Well, why don’t change our dream into something that is more practical and make it as a target to achieve. It is better than giving up the dream and make no target.

Life is meaningless without target. So find it back, or make one.

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