Saturday, March 9, 2013

Stress is just Part of Our Life

People just get used to complaining about the stress of the life. But, take a step backward and think, won’t it be better if we learn to accept the stress rather than complaining its existence?

When everything around us is getting modern and more advanced, the technology is enhancing our lives and lifestyles, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, we always complain that life is too tiring when we have to keep chasing of what we want.

Plan our life journey, and keep planning.

Since we know what we want, let’s make it as our target, our dream, our life’s objective. And, planning our life journey is part of what we should do everyday. But, “plan is nothing, planning is everything”, this quote is so nice and so realistic, which is meaning that even if we have planned something, we could never stop planning after that, because plan will never follow what is happening around. Plan has to be changed and updated accordingly.

Stress comes from everywhere

When we need to plan for our life journey, we have stress. When we need to make decision, we have stress. When we need to think about our future, in any term, be it health, wealth, family, love, friendship or anything else, we have stress. We are stressed of what we don’t have, and we are stressed we want to have them. Stress comes from everywhere, and from everything we do in our lives. We should just learn to accept it, and learn how to use it to grow ourselves.

Learn to accept, learn to grow

Most people complain about the stress from the boss, from the job, or from the colleagues. We have to understand, we face difficulties in our every part of our lives, not only from work. We are having stress from boss, because we haven’t find out the solution of the problems waiting to be solved from the boss. We need to learn, and solve it. Solve the problem, give the solution to the boss, done! Stress gone. Then, another problem again, stress comes again. This keeps on repeating and repeating, until our lives end. Stress is inevitable, yet it’s acceptable. Learn to accept it, learn to grow with it.

The more problems we face in our lives, the more stress we have to cope. The more problems we can solve, the more we can grow. Which means, the more stress we can handle, the further we can grow and mature our mentality.

Everything is a process, nothing comes to the end until we call it an end. Nothing can stop us from growing and moving, except us.

Stress is just part of our lives, learn to accept it, learn to grow with it.

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