Saturday, April 20, 2013

Learning from a Group Presentation

Finally, I have just finished my final presentation in my Uni life! Great to work with other three guys who I only knew them in the course. It’s an engineering course, learning about product innovation and management. We carried out a case study on the Xbox product development. Through this case study, we all indeed learnt a lot, far more than what have been taught in the lectures.

Strong Cooperation between Group Mates

The co-operative between the group mates are strong, everyone was paying their effort to complete the assignment at its best. The group leader had a great start, giving us a very clear direction on how we should do the case study. However, he gave a lot far more than what we could really do in a limited time, and we ended up focusing only on certain topics. We did it very nicely, in a very good structure flow. The case study was done in a very complete way. We analyse very critically on how Xbox was developed, from understanding the history and current market of the video games, to the development process of Xbox in Microsoft, to the marketing and advertising strategy, to the future speculation of the Xbox. Each of us had our own topic to take care of.

The leader was a perfectionist, he was expecting everything to be as perfect as possible. We rushed our case study report until the very last minute, because the leader was correcting every single detail. That day, we sacrificed our lunch, and finished our report just right on time before 5pm, which was the deadline.

Last minute changing format of presentation

The presentation slides was initially submitted together with the report. It was in normal power point slide. After observing the presentation of first two groups, they were very good in presentation, and they are using Prezi, which was a more interactive platform to do presentation. My leader wanted it to.

It was the last minute work. Just one week before our presentation date, we started to convert our Power Point slide into Prezi, slide by slide, and adding more and more interactive effects. I was initially not quite agree with the idea of changing platform, because it was very last minute, and besides having more interactive way, it doesn’t really bring out much more effect than normal presentation slides. But, since the others didn’t say anything, I would just follow majority.

We were busy tidying up, decorating the slides, until we don’t really have time to sit down together and practise the presentation. Until last minute, this Monday, we met up in the morning and have our final practice, which we were going to present in the afternoon.

We took turn to have lunch, because we need to take care of the bags and laptops which scattered on the table in public. One was editing the slide, one was practising with the script, one was having lunch, and one was having class. This was the most last minute work I have throughout my Uni life.

It turns out to be great!

We didn’t really care how much time we needed to finish presenting everything. In fact, it was 45 minutes, and we were actually allowed to present within 20 minutes. Oops…But, we didn’t really have more time to cut this and that, and just went for it.

Fortunately, our professor didn’t stop us after 20 minutes. Perhaps, he felt it’s impressive? Haha…But, we ourselves felt that we actually did a very good job. Every question asked by audience and by prof himself was answered nicely and elaborated. Almost close to perfection! Feeling great of having this kind of different last minute experience.

Cooperation between group mates really makes our group to be performed. We sacrifice lunch together, we discussed together, we “chiong” last minute together, and perhaps we could enjoy high score together too.

Exam coming soon, hope everyone is going to be well prepared for that! Three weeks to go, I am going to have my FINAL of the final exam in my Uni life! Woohoo!

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