Saturday, April 6, 2013

Parliament dissolved, KLSE “get excited” too

Wednesday 3th April 2013, our Jib kor finally announced the parliament dissolved. So great, so excited! Everyone has been waiting for this moment since last year, to wait for our most coward PM ever in the history to announce it.

The morning, before the announcement on 11.30am, KLSE was like a doom, drop more than 50 points. After the announcement of parliament dissolved, KLSE started changing direction. It climbed up and up, reducing the red figure, and finally turn into green, which call off the day with +0.19 to 1688.65.

Why does it turn red, and so deep down before announcement?

Seriously, no one knows what the answer is. Maybe I can think in this way, people are worried of anything happen right after Najib announce the parliament dissolved. To play safe, everyone especially the big kaki, throw away their holding stocks, and that makes the market drops so seriously. But what are they worrying about? I don’t really know.

Why does it turn green then after announcement?

This is so ridiculous. What I can say is, KLSE index also get excited! Everyone, as Rakyat Malaysia, Anak Malaysia, was so so so excited with the announcement from ah Jib kor of the parliament dissolved, so even KLSE index also get excited. Now I know that KLSE index has spirit and soul too! It has emotion! Unbelievable!

No matter what will happen after the election, be it BN or PR becomes government, at least ah Jib kor now took the first step, throwing his position and leave his status suspended in the air, waiting for people to vote. This step is crucial to everyone.

I don’t care, vote for long term nice KLSE index!

No matter what happen to the index that day, be it up or down, I just don’t care! What I care is, I know the importance of my vote. I am a registered voter, and I am waiting for this moment to vote for what I want. I’m the new and first time voter, from the new batch of voters after the 308 political tsunami.

Who am I going to vote? I want to vote for the one who gives me better impression, who let me foresee to have better future, and let my KLSE index to be nicer and nicer. Which means, the future government will perform, make the country economy nicer, and it’s long term effect!

What am I dreaming of? I am dreaming of having a new and fresh government, a totally new that will bring me and every Rakyat Malaysia the good day, safe country, harmony society and a nice homestay. What I want is just a good security instead of “best security in Asia” as quoted. I want the real one, real one!

I am voting for the long term nice KLSE index. I want the index to go further up and up. After the announcement, KLSE was showing uptrend on Thursday and Friday. My holding stocks, which are quite unpopular yet potential, are going up too! What sign is that? Market bubble and boom? Or confidence of Rakyat Malaysia?

Najib, here I come to send you to Mongolia!

Good luck Najib, good luck Anwar!

“Safe trip” to Najib, we provide the SAFEST TRIP in ASIA.

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