Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Indirect Impacts of “Corruption” in Our Living

Many people are still not aware of how serious the corruption in our country is. The seriousness of corruption in our country, has been infamously ‘listed’ in the world ranking. Of course, this will not be shown in the mainstream media (newspaper and radio TV). We can only see this statistic from the free-and-freedom media, the internet. Thanks to the social network, news spread quickly. More and more netizens aware of the seriousness, and we hate of those who corrupted, who spent our money, the taxpayers money, personally, privately. Spending without budget, profiting and feeding the cronies without open tender, are the policy under this corrupted government. HOWEVER, many people only hate how those people spend our money, but they still never realise how does this bring the indirect impacts in our living.

Do you know that, corruption affects the price of petrol?

In Malaysia, almost every family owns a car. Let’s put in this way, I assume everyone (above 17 years old, of course) drives a car, and everyone pays for the fuel. How does corruption affects the price of petrol?

You know, Petronas is a Malaysia-based company, and the profit of Petronas need to be paid to the government as a commission. And, you know, the ceiling price of petrol is set by government. If today government said the price of petrol is RM2.00/litre, then every petrol stations, be it Petronas, Shell, Esso Mobil, Caltex or whichever petrol company is found in Malaysia, need to follow the price.

Government set the petrol price, you know that. And, government earn commission from Petronas, now you know that. Hence, picture is clear. The more Petronas can earn, the more government can earn too. When we talk about corruption, we talk about money losing without knowing. How much does the Petronas earn every year? How much has the commission been paid to government every year? How much the profit is distributed to the government servants, from the Prime Minister, to the Deputy, all of the cabinets in Parliament, to the fundamental man-power such as of teachers, policemen, firemen, EPF office staffs, and so on?

Corruption happened, when the upper level of government servants want to earn more money. They raise the petrol price, so that Petronas can earn more, and they can earn more. Does this logic sounds difficult to understand? People should understand about this.

Do you know that, the security and safety of our lovely hometown is affect by corruption?

As I have talked about, the profit of the country is distributed to to every government servants. Of course, it is not distributed equally, it is distributed based on the amount of contribution or responsibility to this country. Prime Minister should have been paid more than normal teachers, or policemen. That’s understandable. But, it is ridiculous if the inequality is too much that the upper level of the management is paid with hundred or thousands times more than of the normal servants get paid, until a level such that normal servants are not paid enough for the normal living.

Please ask, how much does a policemen earn every month? How much does a teacher earn? And, how much does Prime Minister earn? How much does Deputy earn? How much does the wife of Prime Minister spend, who is not even working in any level of the government? Normally, the government servants are paid bonus every year, with the profit of the country. How much are they paid every year? RM500? RM1000? How much difference is this from the BR1M that was given to the low-income resident?

Policemen, with such low income, how do they sustain their living and their family? They can’t even live well and feed themselves better. Do you think a policeman, who is underpaid, can really protect the rakyat-rakyat from dangers? Can they still serve well for the community security? Why are policemen so underpaid, yet the wife of Prime Minister, who doesn’t even contribute anything to the country, can spend so much money buying rings, bracelets, brandy bags, and so fashionable yet the rakyat-rakyat are suffering from security? (Maybe the only thing she contribute is to stimulate the economy? But she bought imports items, which does not contribute any shit to our country’s GDP!)

You will never know how serious is the security level now, when you are not involved being one of the victims. How many out there, be it in the big city like Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, or in the small town like my hometown Segamat, have seen the real cases of snatch theft, robbery, and murder? We blame the policemen? We can’t really blame them, they are underpaid!

Another thing, we blame the corruption of policemen, in order to spare us from being fined. But, imagine if they are well paid, and they really enjoy together with the Prime Minister the profit of the country, will they even want to corrupt the small tiny RM50? If they are being well paid, do you think these cases can still be so serious? You read news, you realised how bad the social issues, how many cases have been there in Malaysia.

Do you know, if no corruption, you children might now be with you, and not going overseas to study and work?

It might be very far fetch to link between the corruption and economy for certain people. Many people don’t feel the financial stress when they are born in rich family and pampered kids. They don’t really know how hard money their parents earn. But, it’s actually very obvious, when we know that the corruption is directly related to money. If profit of the country is shared among all the rakyat-rakyat, do you think the economy will be so bad that many youngster, including your children, have to be sent overseas to work and earn more money for you?

If the economy is good in Malaysia, more job opportunities are available, with relatively better paid. Our Ringgit Malaysia currency will be much larger in value, and we are enjoying a low-living cost, and high income society. Why do we still want to go overseas, and split apart from parents like you?

If the economy in Malaysia is good, anak-anak Malaysia will rather stay in Malaysia, who wants to stay apart with their family? Why do we find jobs overseas? Why do we want to send our children abroad to study? Why do you think overseas education is far more better than Malaysia? Why does this happen? You know why…

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