Saturday, May 11, 2013

Begin of New Journey

Just ended a 4 years undergraduate life in NTU, finished the last three exam papers in the past 3 days, I’m now calling an end to my undergraduate life! I am ‘unofficially’ graduated! Now, I’m going to start a totally new journey in my life.

No more feeding, everything on my own

I was financially supported by my family, especially my father and my brother, on my living expenses here. Facing the increasing living expenses, the stress getting higher. Stress is in fact one of the motivation source for me, which keeps asking me to study hard and harder. And finally, it ends the stress here. Now, I am going to have my first job after graduation in Temasek Lab. Time to feed myself, time to support my family back.

The financial stress also teaches me one thing, “it’s important to manage my own finance rather than let it manage back us”. Seriously, the more I know, the more I realise it’s not worth “working hard” to earn more money, we should be “working smart”. The financial stress in Singapore is getting higher, more than 50% of people never plan for their retirement. It’s going to be working forever if we never know how to manage our finance well. Through this four years of stress, I learn a lot. I know that, something that I need to do to prevent I’m getting into same situation. First, have my own investment account. Second, have my own dream, creating business.

Who say university is honeymoon?

People who start working out there after graduation found that it’s better to stay in university to study. Yes, compared to working, studying is always better. But, in fact, if we take things seriously, both are not. Both are responsibilities. Four years of fighting, we are aiming for a certificate which symbolize our academic status, or level. 4 years in exchange of the certificate, it’s worth. But, if we only using up 4 years JUST TO exchange for this certificate, it’s a waste.

4 years is not only just study, it’s life experience. I’m experiencing different kind of life in university. First year, I study hard. Then, I found that no matter how hard we study, we will never get “first”. What does it mean by first? Not the meaning of first in the class ranking, but the entire life. I found that, many people who strive very very hard, and getting A or A+, in fact spend a lot of time staring their books, lack of social, lack of sleep, and sacrifice a lot others. Yes, they can get first in the class, or first class, but is it worth spending the time just for that? From then, I learn the importance of balance life.

Second year, I fought hard in co-curricular activities. I was leading a project team to organise an event. The event turns out to be good, but my academic result get worse. Nothing to be blame, because I didn’t manage my time well. In fact, I tried hard to balance my time between academic and co-curricular. But, ended up I have to burn midnight oil to study for exam. My antibody was weak during my second year, and I fall sick easily. I didn’t even have time to do physical exercise. This is another experience that taught me a very important lesson: health is priority before anything else. When I fall sick, I can’t do anything. My productivity was very low every time I fall sick, and it was so frequently happened.

Third year, I asked myself: Should I join any co-curricular activity? I gave up joining anything. Because, the purpose I joined in the second year was to gain enough point to stay in hall. Just that. My objective was blurred. Instead of gaining leadership experience, I shifted my focus just to earn point. So, I decided not to join anything in third year. And I started to plan for my fourth year staying, since I wasn’t going to get any point to stay on-campus anymore. I started working part time as research assistant, started earning money bit by bit, accumulated until it’s enough to pay for the higher rental off-campus. Good thing is, I have more time to spent on sports. Badminton, jogging and basketball. Those are co-curricular activities also, though they earn me nothing, but health. In that year, I experienced it: I experienced the balanced life. I realised its importance. It was reflected in my academic result. I had better result compared to the previous years, and it is increasingly better. Also, I had more time to do revision, and more time to find out how to study more efficiently. Year 3 was the year I experienced the most, and enjoyed the most too. Enjoy of the balance life, enjoy of the better result, enjoy of the relaxed yet healthy life.

Final year, the 4th year. I experienced differently. I have my internship in first semester. I worked in Temasek Lab, and started to gain experience and show my performance. In the end, I secured my job there. The allowanced also allow me to pay my rental as well. This semester, the final semester, I studied and work part time as well. Still the same, balancing my life, and comes to the end of the semester yesterday.

It’s the end, it’s the new start

It’s over for my uni life, it means it’s start of my real life. I have to start adapting myself into the society, not just among students anymore. I have to plan ahead, for the next year, next 5 years, and maybe next 10 years from now. Plan is nothing, planning is everything. Many people are afraid of being graduated, and claim that working is harder than studying. I’m ready! I experienced what I should in uni life. Life challenge? Come on! That’s what I am waiting for!

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