Friday, May 3, 2013

It’s not BN vs PR, it’s Government vs Rakyat

I believe, many politicians still don’t understand, and not clear about what’s happening in the country, what’s expected from the Rakyat. In this election, the moves and ‘strategies’ they use are just so wrong, that even raise the hatred of the Rakyat.

What BN is trying to do is to defame PR. But, they forget something. It’s now not about how PR is going to win, it’s about how Rakyat want to vote out of BN. Many Rakyat have raised their awareness. They know, it’s not about choosing the BN or PR or independent, it’s about choosing a government.

Rakyat has realised, we just want to change the government, not just choosing which party to win. Fortunately, we have a platform to be rely on, PR. That’s why, people are choosing PR now, not because we like PR, but we just don’t want to have the same government.

It’s about Government and People

It’s no longer about which party to win, which have been the rules of the game for 50 years. The rules have been changed, Rakyat changed it. It’s not the fight between parties anymore, it’s a direct fight between the Government and Rakyat, not the parties in between.

And yes, Rakyat cannot fight with the government directly without any power in our hand. So, we need someone who can support us. PR is just right there, formed at the right time, which is there to support us, the Rakyat, and to represent our voice and power to face the government directly.

Rather than say it’s a war between BN and PR, I prefer saying that it’s between Government and Rakyat. The rule is much more simple now, to let the same Government continue “mis-leading” us? Or to let Rakyat voice out, to “lead” back the politicians on how the country should be?

Let everyone together to participate in this game, create the most historical event in this country. To all Malaysians, let’s be proud of ourselves for making the change together.

Ini Kalilah! Ubah!


I’m writing this based on my personal view and with personal interest, no compensation, I earn nothing. I just want a better country, and better democracy.

This is uploaded automatically at 5.30pm, 3rd May 2013, Friday. By the time, I should have reached by hometown safely by our beloved KTM train from Singapore. I’m ready, ARE YOU READY?

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