Saturday, May 18, 2013

Things are Different After Graduation

After graduation, I change to be older, my status change from “student” to “pending employment”. But, not only these two changes, there are more to change. Some ways that I used to live with during my school time, are no longer the same.

No Syllabus, No Textbook

During the school time, I study based on the syllabus provided by professors, refer to the textbook, read through it chapter by chapter. I learn the subject in a manner, specific way, orderly, systematically. I read, I memorize, I try to remember what I learn from textbook, and taught by professors. Everything can be easily managed, fit into my brain memory with limited capacity nicely.

After graduation, there is no more syllabus provided and no textbook can I refer to. What I have to learn is based on what job I am given. Take the simplest way to access the information, internet. I use Google the most. But, by googling, there are thousands of millions of information available online, which should I take? Which should I refer?

The learning path is totally different. I can’t rely on professor anymore, I have to manage the information flow by myself, and organise the “syllabus” by myself. I have to find a way to order the new information to fit into my memory. No more professor, no more syllabus.

No guidelines for test, but guidelines for work

During the school time, I used to be given tips and guidelines for test. What will I be tested, which part of the syllabus will come out in the exam, what should I study on and emphasize more, etc…

After graduation, there’s no more such thing. There is no longer guidelines for exam, but there is a specific guidelines for our performance. In fact, that guidelines is totally different from the exam guidelines. The guidelines is ‘set’ by the company, and we need to follow. What I am going to do in the company, is either managed, restricted, limited, allowed, approved, or dismissed by the management of the company, will depend on that guidelines.

During the school time, I am at the active side, I can choose to follow or not to follow the guideline for facing the exam. After graduation, I am at the passive side, I have to follow the guideline given.

No test anymore, but evaluation and verification by supervisor

During the school time, the thing I am focusing most is “how to score well in the exam”. The main focus will be the test. Studying hard, burning midnight oil, less hanging out with friends, are the motive to score well in the text.

After graduation, there is no longer test. “Hooray!” But, more to come. It’s no longer called a test, but evaluation. The evaluation is no longer on how well we score on “answering the questions on the paper”, but how well we perform in the tasks given, how good we manage our attitude, how good we behave, how sociable we are to cooperate with others, are just part of the criteria for the evaluation.

Be prepared for the upcoming Challenge! Hoorah!

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